What is the most effective antibiotic for prostatitis

Prostatitis is a common male disease, frequently disease, Western medicine mainly take anti-inflammatory sterilization treatment, not only can not cure, but because of long-term use of antibiotics, resulting in resistance, etc., but also increased the difficulty of treatment, so be sure to correct treatment to achieve The purpose of radical cure. Chinese medicine long-term clinical practice has accumulated a lot of unique odd side recipe, I suggest you use traditional Chinese medicine Nanke Pill.

  With the development of society, people’s demand for quality of life is getting higher and higher. The pursuit of excellence in men increased social occasions, all kinds of pressure to increase. Long hours of office, driving, stay up all night, anxiety to the rapid growth of the incidence of prostate disease, non-standard use of some sexual health care products, so that the age of prostate disease gradually younger. Prostate disease to patients: frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, decreased quality of life, and even cancer and so on. According to statistics: 30-year-old male prostate incidence rate of 30%, 56 years of age over 56% of men with varying degrees of prostate disease. So many people say that male prostate disease will be following the cardiovascular disease and cancer after harm to human health third killer.

 Treatment of prostatitis is only antibiotics can not cure, the motherland medicine with traditional Chinese medicine has a very unique effect,Quick, effective, many patients do not relapse after cure. These traditional Chinese medicine completely broke the previous treatment of prostate disease with anti-inflammatory treatment, can improve the internal and external status of the prostate, eliminate inflammation, rehabilitation of prostate gland, effectively solve the prostate drug penetration and drug absorption problems, directly to the sick Prostate gland for pathological improvement, strong drug direct access to the affected area.

  Moderate sexual life is conducive to prostate health, sex should be regular, excessive sexual life and frequent masturbation is detrimental to the prostate, and excessive abstinence is caused by chronic benign prostatic hyperplasia is an important reason. At the same time, should adhere to appropriate physical exercise, such as playing tai chi, sprint or walk after a meal. In this way, can improve blood circulation, for improving immunity, prevention of the occurrence of prostatitis is very meaningful.Herbal medicine is the original traditional Chinese herbal medicine, without adding any hormones, see the clear ingredients. No quick effect and special effects, only to ensure efficacy. Patients do not have misunderstanding, our traditional Chinese medicine is the original traditional herbs rhizome.

Traditional Chinese medicine is an individual treatment program, is based on the different symptoms of each patient symptomatic adjustment, not thousands of people on the side of the proprietary Chinese medicine, so the need to communicate before the doctor need detailed symptoms. And then according to the symptoms of patients with symptomatic dispensing, during the treatment of patients need timely and the doctor himself in a timely manner to change the condition to facilitate the doctor to control the patient’s condition changes in the law.

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