Nonbacterial Prostatitis

Non bacterial Prostatitis / Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome. nonbacterial Prostaitits: is a Kind of Prostate Gland Infection Where No Sign Of Bacteria Is Found ether in Urine or In Semen , But There can be a Severe Inflammation thus Causing Symptoms .

90% nonbacterial prostatitis Are Misdiagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis , This Condition can Be Caused Due to Previous Untreated Infections or Repeated Urinary Tract Infections .

The Symptoms of the nonbacterial Prostatitis :

  • Weak Urine Stream

  • Pain while Urinating

  • Burning while Urinating

  • Blood In the Urine

  • Blood In the Semen

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Pain During Bowel Movements

  • Pain in the Genitals

  • Pain in the Anus

  • Frequent Urination

  • Pain During Ejaculation

  • Yellow semen

Please consult your local Doctor if you have any of the above mentioned Symptoms .

Nonbacterial Prostatitis / Cpps Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome Treatment :

Patients Suffering From nonbacterial Prostatitis are Mostly First Misdiagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis Due to this Issue the Patients Treatment is Delayed in most of the Cases .

After Misdiagnosis until the patient Diagnosed with Prostatitis the Symptoms gets Worsen which is Rather Difficult to Treat .

Then the Patients first Prescribed with the Antibiotic Treatment which can be a Primary Treatment for All kinds of Prostatitis . Which may help Patients to manage symptoms for a while , The antibiotics can be IV too depending on the Patients condition .

Some Physician May also Prescribe the Patients with a Combination of Alpha-Blockers which are the Muscle or the Tissue Relaxers that helps the Patients to Manage the Symptoms .

In Some Cases Patients are Prescribed with Pain Killers a Combinations Of Antibiotics which also called as NonSteroidal  Anti-Inflammatory Drug which can Be used to manage the Symptoms for a While , where these medications can not Take regularly , which with the Long term use of these medication there May have serious complications related to Liver and kidney .

Some Patients are Suggested to undergo Surgery , which is known as Simple Prostatectomy in which a partial Part of the Prostate is Removed with the surgical procedure , which can be a Minimally Invasive Surgery . There can be side effects such as permanent Erectile Dysfunction , Stroke , Sudden Death .

Above Mentioned Methods of Treatment Can be known as Symptoms Management Treatment for Prostatitis , As the Patients are Not allowed to Take tong term antibiotics & Painkills or NSAID’s  which can cause Life threatening Complications , So Once the Patients Stops Taking the Medication , The Symptoms Looks Recurring .

Alternative Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment for Prostatitis with out Recurrence

This Treatment Is Mostly used for the Patients Suffering From CPPS / Prostatitis which is Prescribed by Dr.Ming Depending on the Disease Severity & Patients Condition . In which the Herbal Oral Medication is Provided to the Patients For a Duration Prescribed according to the Doctor , Depending on the Severity of the Disease .The Traditional Chinese Medicine Called Nanke Pills Can easily Treat Prostatitis with No Recurring again which is seen in large number of patients , This Herbal Medication Increases the Blood Circulation , eliminates the Damp Heat , Decreases the Inflammation , fights against the Bacterial Infections , Increase immunity & disease resistance power in the body which why the Treatment with Nanke Pills Are very successful among large number of patients .

Please contact Dr.Ming with your Disease History & Symptoms , Test Reports If Available for the best Treatment for the Prostatitis .

Please Provide the Symptoms that you are Suffering from Followed By ","
Please Provide the Info about when did you First Diagnosed with the Condition , What Kind of Treatments Have you Been Taking Since Then etc.
If you are Suffering from Other Diseases Including Prostate Related Disease , Please Provide The Information of the Other Disease that you are suffering from .

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