Acute Prostatitis Is a Condition where there is an Sudden Bacterial Attack on Prostate Gland which is is Present Below the Bladder , The Bacteria that causing UTI Urinary tract Infection can also be a Cause for Acute Prostatitis. Patients with Acute Prostatitis Condition Needs Immidiate Medical Assistance .

Causes Of Acute Prostatitis :There are Many causes behind Acute Prostatitis ,  Bacteria that causes Urinary Tract Infections can be the Major Cause Of Acute Prostatitis .

Bacteria is a Primary Cause for Acute Prostate Which include:Escherichia coli  , Klebsiella species  , Proteus species .. STD Infections That Leas to Prostatitis Are Gonorrhea & Chlamydia , Which is Seen Among Most of the Patients that Suffer From Acute Prostatitis .

 Other Common Causes of Acute Bacterial Prostatitis Include :

  • Urinary Catheters ( Made From Latex Usually Due to The cystoscopy )

  • Bladder Obstruction ( It’s Due to the Enlarged Prostate gland or Bladder Stones )

  • Perineum Injury ( The Area Between Scrotum & Rectum )

  • Phimosis ( An Inability to Pull Back the Foreskin of the Penis )

  • Infection or Inflammation of Epididymis or epididymitis Disease Condition .

  • Infection or Inflammation of Urethra .

Treatment Methods For Acute Prostatitis / Acute Bacterial Prostatitis : 

Antibiotics Are Given to the Patients through intravenous IV & Patient is Recommended to be Hospitalized until the Patient Condition is Stable . Well After the IV The Patient Then is Prescribed with the Oral Antibiotics Such As Doxycycline or with Combinations According to the Patients Disease Condition for about 4-6 Weeks , Most of the Acute Prostatitits Conditions can be Treated with the Antibiotics .

Some Patients may have the Recurrence of Either Acute Prostatitis or Acute Bacterial Prostatitis After a Month or Few Weeks Of the Treatment with Antibiotics , These Patients Gradually Develop Resistance towards Antibiotics .

If you have Developed Resistance towards Antibiotics / If you have a Repeated Attacks of Acute Prostatitis or Acute Bacterial Prostatitis , Traditional Chinese Medicine NanKe Pills Are the Only Options For you to Have a Complete Treatment For the Acute Prostatitis or Acute Bacterial Prostatitis.

Please visit your Nearest Hospital or Medical Help Immediately if you are suffering from Acute Prostatitis , Conditions Like Acute Prostatitis is an Medical Emergency.

Contact Dr.Ming for the Complete Treatment

Please be specific about your age , your disease history , your symptoms etc..

Symptoms of Acute Prostatitis

*Pain During Urination
*Pain During Ejaculation
*Blood In Urine
*Blood In Semen
*Frequent Urination
*Testicle Pain
*Genital Pain
*Rectum Pain
*Chills with Fever
*Pelvic Pain
*Difficult to Urinate
*Urine Odor
*Burning While Urinating
*Burning While Ejaculation
*Weak Urine Flow
*Pain In Lower Back

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DateJanuary 12, 2014