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Prostatitis with some of the conventional treatment of drugs can only temporarily relieve symptoms, cannot cure, long-term illness repeatedly cured, the reason why the prostate disease is difficult to cure. The main reason is the drug absorption channel obstruction, metabolic channel obstruction, nutrition channel obstruction and a series of internal factors, external factors is the key to long-term treatment.

Although prostatitis is more common, but because the disease does not lead to people lost their lives, so some male friends will mistakenly believe that the disease is not treated can be cured, in fact, this understanding is completely wrong, if not actively Treatment, the disease will only further aggravate, on their own health will cause more serious harm. Although more than half of middle-aged male friends are suffering from varying degrees of prostatitis disease, but we all know that this disease is only a benign inflammation, coupled with some male friends work more busy, the symptoms are not particularly serious, So they think they are quite a few days will be in the past, do not need to take medicine, then prostatitis is not treated, really can be cured? This is a lot of men are more concerned about the problem, look at it!

Many prostatitis patients found their urine urgency, frequent urination and other symptoms to reduce their own after that, even if this time has been cured, in fact, if not actively treated prostatitis, then it is completely impossible to cure the symptoms of relief is only a Illusion, because the pathogenesis of prostatitis is more complex, the performance of patients with different symptoms of patients, some patients will be a friend of the obvious urgency, frequent urination and other symptoms, but the test indicators are very normal, and some Patients with friends of white blood cells, laboratory abnormalities, but did not appear obvious symptoms.

In the treatment of prostatitis, we can consider the treatment of drugs, the general can use anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs, for example, you can take some traditional Chinese medicine, because most of the traditional Chinese medicine have anti-detoxification effect, allopurinol can effectively reduce uric acid Concentration, so it can be used as a free radical scavenger, can effectively reduce inflammation, relieve pain. In addition, we can also use physical therapy, prostate massage can effectively emptying the concentrate within the tube, if the disease is more serious, then we take antibiotics, while doing prostate massage.

Through the introduction of the above, now we know that if prostatitis is not actively treated, then the disease is impossible to cure, so when a male friend found that they have this disease, do not take lucky psychological, should be in the doctor’s advice, the active use of scientific methods for treatment. A Chinese medicine called Nanke Pill can easily help you in this way.

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