Prostatic Hypertrophy

Prostatic hypertrophy Is the enlargement of the Prostate Gland due to the Increase in the Size of the Cells in the Prostate Gland .

Symptoms Of Prostatic Hypertrophy :

  • Weak Urine Flow

  • Frequent Urination

  • Frequent Urination During Nights

  • Pain During Urination

  • Pain During Ejaculation

  • Blood in the Urine

  • Blood in the Semen

  • Lower Back Pain

Above Mentioned are Some of the Symptoms of Prostatic Hypertrophy.

Please contact your Local Hospital or Doctor If you have any of the Above Symptoms to check for the Prostatic Hypertrophy .

Causes Of Prostatic Hypertrophy :

The Main cause of the Prostatic Hypertrophy is The Increase in the Size of the Cells in the Prostate Gland , But the Cause for this Abnormal Growth In Unknown .

Who are At Risk of Prostatic Hypertrophy :

Prostatic Hypertrophy can Cause to Any men at any age , But the Men Between Age groups from 45 – 65 Are More Likely to Suffer from Prostatic Hypertrophy , this is Because the Prostate Gland has 2 Phases of Growth While the First phase start from age 1 to 25 while the second phase starts from age 25-50+ , During the First phase the Prostate gland never shown abnormal growth so mostly the Prostatic Hypertrophy is not easy to be seen in younger men , But the Second Phase Starts from 25 yrs of Age we have seen the Abnormal Cell Growth in the Prostate Gland either Increase in the Number of Cells in the Prostate Gland or the Increase in the Size of the Cells In the Prostate Gland .This is why Prostatic Hypertrophy is Mostly seen in the Older men age groups between 45-65 yrs .

Treatment For Prostatic Hypertrophy :

Antibiotics are usually used as the Primary Treatment option for the Prostatic Hypertrophy which sometimes can give Patients Relief from the Painful Symptoms as long as they Take the Pills .

Once the Body Develop Resistance towards Antibiotics the Patients have no More Relief from Antibiotics , and Antibiotics should be Strictly Avoided in this Case , Long term Usage of Antibiotics can cause Severe Damage to the kidney & Liver .

Patients with Enlarged Prostate are sometimes Prescribed with the Alpha-Blocker Treatment that is to use alpha-Blockers to Relax the Tissue or Muscle in the Prostate Area . Which Could Provide the Patients a Relief from the Symptoms , Due to the Complications From the Muscle Relaxers or the Tissue Softeners patients are Not allowed for a Long term usage of the Medication , which is also prescribed for the Patients suffering from Heart Problems . With out Usage of the Medication the Patients will soon notice their Symptoms Recurrence . Even Pain Killers which are called As NSAID’s  Are also Prescribed to the Patients which also a Temporary Symptom Management Treatment Option where patients will find the Recurrence of the Symptoms .

Surgery can be an Other Option for the Prostatic Hypertrophy , which can be done minimally invasive Surgery with the help of robot , to remove the partial Tissue from the Prostate Gland Thus Giving Patient A Relief From the Prostatic Hypertrophy , Due its High Cost and Dreadful Side effects such as Stroke , Severe Pain , Erectile Dysfunction , Sudden Death . Patients are not showing Much Interest Towards the Surgical Treatment .

Best Treatment for the Prostatic Hypertrophy :

Dr.Ming Traditional Chinese Medicine Called Nanke Pills Are considered as the Best Treatment for Prostatic Hypertrophy , The Treatment Consists of the Oral Herbal Medication which should be taken as prescribed by the Doctor ,The Medication is the Formula that Derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine which is Practicing Since 3500 Years .

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine The Cause for this Condition is the Abnormal Cell Growth due to the Body Providing the environment for the Abnormal Growth Of the Cells in the Prostate gland . The Reason for the Abnormal Cell growth , the Environment is the Increased heat in the Body which is the Reason why the Causing the Abnormal Cell Growth .

Due to Increased Damp heat in the Body , The Immunity , Disease resistance power is being Decreased in the Body and the Blood circulation in the Prostate Region is also irregular , due to which the cells abnormal Growth is Seen in the Prostate Gland . The Nanke Pills Can eliminate the heat , increase the Blood Circulation , increase the Immunity , increase the Disease resistance Power and Shrink the Prostate to it’s Original Size & Provide the Patients a Long term Relief from the Prostatic Hyperplasia .

Please contact Dr.Ming to know if your Disease Conditions Can be Treated with the Help of  Nanke Pills. with your detailed Disease History , Recent Test Reports , Symptoms that you are suffering from . So that Dr.Ming can get you the Best Complete Treatment for Prostatic Hypertrophy .

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