Knowing the secrets of antibiotics might change men’s view on traditional Chinese herbal medicine

In fact, most of prostatitis patients have one thing in common-they are not very clear about the specific structure and functions of prostate gland even though the prostate gland is part of their body. Namely, although men know that it is inevitable for each man, they probably never further know the each structure of prostate gland and its nearby organs except that they are going to be doctor. People portray the size of prostate gland as walnut, but the weight of prostate gland ranges from 7 to 16 grams. And the mean weight of most healthy men is usually 11 grams around. The nearby organs of prostate gland include bladder and seminal vesicle, urethra, rectum, penis, and testicle. The bladder is a small organ shaped like a bag in which liquid waste termed urine has been collected before it is ready to be passed out of men’s body. The seminal vesicle is located below the urinary bladder and lateral to the vas deferens. The function of prostate can be categorized three points, which are male sexual response, secretion, and regulation.

The male sexual response consists of the processes erection and orgasm. And ejaculation of semen happening at the same time, specifically, the sperm is transmitted from the vas deferens into the male urethra. The secretions usually consist of some sugars. The regulation of prostate plays pivotal roles in the balance of hormone because men need androgen, which will show the male characteristics. The one of major male androgen is testosterone because it mainly produced by the testicle. Therefore, the prostate is very important for each man. There have been a number of cases on bacterial bladder infection, which is also urinary tract infection. Before men have been diagnosed with prostatitis disease in standard hospital, men probably have suffered the symptoms of prostatitis for a period of time. In some cases, the prostatitis has already developed for one or two years, but there are men who had no clue when the prostatitis existed and how they get the prostatitis. Is there blood in the urine, chills, difficulty in urination, fever, pain in the lower back? All the symptoms could be regarded as indicators for the prediction of prostatitis development.

Namely, only if all the causes can be explained, doctors can deal with each factor accompanied by each unexpected condition thoroughly and properly by using western medicine remedy of antibiotic. However, up to now, many reasons are still not fully understood among each prostatitis patient. Regardless of what western doctors may have told prostatitis patients, it does not safe to use western medicine remedy of antibiotic. Besides, taking long term western medicine remedy of antibiotic could be very detrimental for people who are suffering the bad condition of prostatitis. Then, traditional Chinese herbal medicine remedy of Nanke pill becomes the best method of safely treating conditions for men’s prostatitis.

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