Blood in the Urine

Blood in the UrineBlood in the Urine Can be Causes Due to Several Factors which include Prostatitis , Kidney Related Issues etc . When it comes to Prostatitis the Bacterial infection in the Prostate Gland or the Inflammation in the Prostate Gland Causes the Tissue Damage in the Prostate Gland or Ruptured Damage in the Urethra Can Cause the Microscopic Blood in the Urine .

The Blood In the Urine can be Also Caused by Severe Life threatening Complications Such As Kidney failure , Please Consult Your Doctor and Get diagnosed on time Before your Condition gets Severe .

Treatment for The Blood in the Urine

Blood in the Urine Due to Prostatitis Is Usually Treat with Antibiotics Such as Doxycycline etc which may help the Infections to Recover Temporarily but as soon as the Patients Stop taking the Antibiotics the Symptoms Reappears . Long term use of Antibiotics are Not Suggested which may cause Severe Damage to your liver .

An other Treatment methods Used Are NSAID’s , Alpha-Blockers For the Symptoms Management  which after Stopping the Usage of Medicines the Symptoms Recurs Again in a Matter of Time .

Surgery Can also be Performed for the Patients Suffering from the Blood in Urine Condition Due to Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia . Due to the Expensive Surgery Costs Ranging From 45,000 USD – 90,000  USD & Severe Side Effects from Surgery Such as Erectile Dysfunction , Severe Pain , Stroke , Sudden Death . Patients are Not Showing Much Interest In the Surgical Treatment .

The Complete Treatment for Prostatatitis & Blood In Urine Condition 

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Nanke Pills Are Known for it’s Medical Prosperities Which are Made From Herbs Which has No Side Effects and Cost Effective . The Nanke Pills are Made By Dr.Ming Can Shrunk the Prostate Gland , Can Regulate the Blood Circulation in the Prostate Gland , Can eliminate the Infections & Inflammation in the Prostate Gland , Can Increase the Disease Resistance Power , Can Increase the Immunity etc .

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Nanke Pills Can Be The Complete Treatment for Prostatitis & Prostate Related Conditions . Patients On Nanke Pills Can See the Difference By Themselves just in 3 days to a Weak Treatment with Nanke Pills, Where as “Pills” Are Only Prescribed to The patients once Dr.Ming Has a Brief info on the Disease Condition of the Patient . Depending on the Disease Severity the Patients are Prescribed with 3-6 Months of Treatment with Nanke Pills . 98% Cases has the Successful Results after the completion of the Treatment .

If you are Suffering from the Prostatitis or Prostate Related Conditions Please Contact  Dr.Ming with your Detailed Disease History for the Complete Prostatitis Treatment.

Please Contact Dr.Ming for The Complete Prostatitis Treatment

Please be specific about your age , your disease history , your symptoms etc..