CPPS – Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome / Chronic Prostatitis :Is the prostatodynia Which is the Prostate Pain That Lasts More then 3 Months with out Showing any sign of bacterial infection . CPPS Should be distinguished Between other Types of Prostate Conditions ,Where as 90% CPPS Cases are Misdiagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis .

 Factors That Responsible for the Causes of CPPS :

There are Many Factors that are responsible for the Causes of CPPS – Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome Among then Some of the Most Important are Discussed Below :

  • Central Nervous System Is believed To be a Cause of CPPS

  • Hormonal Causes , Stress Related Causes  , Nerve Related Causes Are also Major Causes of CPPS .

Climate , Food Allergies are also Considered as Minor causes of Cpps .

None of the Above Mentioned Causes are Scientifically Proved as the Cause for the CPPS – Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome .So The Exact Cause for the CPPS Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome is Unknown According to Western Medicine .

Available Treatment Methods For the Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome :

Antibiotic Treatment has been a Controversial Where Some Patients Felt Better from the Condition with Antibiotic Treatment and some patients has No Results from the Antibiotic Treatment ,

Therapy is also used as a treatment Method where as patients are Provided with the Physical Exercises & Psychological Therapy Which has been a Controversial too , Which has show No Results In Clinical Trials .

Alpha-Blockers the Medication that Used On patients is quite Questionable for the Results Specifically the Alpha-blockers that used in the Clinical Trials Such as tamsulosin, alfuzosin etc .

Tuna Transurethral needle ablation is a Surgery Performed On the Patients Suffering from CPPS has shown No Results too Which has given Patients No Chance for the Perfect treatment .

Patients those who have shown Some Results during the Clinical Trials have been suffering from the Similar pain even the Patient Gone through All other Available Treatment Methods Including TUNA Surgery , Which is Why Recurrence is Quite Common for the Patients that Undergone the Above Mentioned Treatment Methods , Where as A Huge Number of Patients Have Been Showing Good Results From Alternative Treatment Methods Such As Traditional Chinese Medicine By DR.Ming .

Alternative  Effective Treatment Methods for the Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome :

TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine By Dr.Ming Has been Showing the Best Results for the Patients Suffering From CPPS Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome , Which is Because the Cause According to Dr.Ming’s View Through TCM Is due to the Imbalance of the Energies in the Human Body , Which can Be easily balanced with the Herbs and thus Treating The Disease Completely .

Where Dr.Ming Says that Patients with 1 -2 Years of Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome Can Be easily Treated with Nanke Pills Just in 3 Months . which can Balance the Energies In the Body thus Providing the Patients a pain free Prostate . According to Dr.Ming the Internal Organs Only Works Well when the Positive and Negative Energies are balanced , And Due to the imbalance the Lower Damp heat Develops in the Body and Causes Urological Problems Both in men & women .

If you are suffering from Chronic Pain Syndrome Please contact Dr,Ming with your Detailed Disease Info including Recent Test Reports If Available Below .

Contact Dr.Ming for the Complete Treatment

Please be specific about your age , your disease history , your symptoms etc..

CPPS Symptoms

*Pelvic Pain
*Perineal Pain
*UTI <3 Months
*Testicle Pain
*Pain in Urethra
*Pain at Tip of Penis
*Pain in Pubic
*Pain In Bladder
*Abdominal Pain
*Burning in Penis
*Frequent Urination
*Post-ejaculatory pain
*Sexual Dysfunction
*Erectile Difficulties

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DateJanuary 10, 2014