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Disease Conditions  

  • Acute Prostatitis
    Acute Prostatitis

    Acute Prostatitis Is a Condition where there is an Sudden Bacterial Attack on Prostate Gland which is is Present Below the Bladder , The Bacteria that causing UTI Urinary tract Infection can also be a...

    Chronic Prostatitis
    Chronic Prostatitis

    Chronic Prostatitis: is The Inflammation or an Infection of the Prostate which take Months or years Before the Patient Show any sort of Symptoms is usually Known as Chronic Prostatitis. Patients Suffering From Repeated Urinary Tract Infections are more likely to Suffer From Chronic Prostatitis .


    CPPS Is the prostatodynia Which is the Prostate Pain That Lasts More then 3 Months with out Showing any sign of bacterial infection . CPPS Should be distinguished Between other Types of Prostate Conditions ,Where as 90% CPPS Cases are Misdiagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis .


    BPH Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a Medical Condition of an Enlarged Prostate Gland. Which Mostly Occurs in the age groups between 45-65 Years .

Latest Prostatitis News  

Can Prostate Cancer be Cured

can prostate cancer be cured ? Prostate Cancer is an Abnormal Carcinoma Cells Growth in the Prostate Gland which enlarges...

Chronic Prostatitis Symptoms

chronic prostatitis symptoms : Pain During Urination Pain During Ejaculation Pain while Bowel Movements Pain in Urethra Pain in Genitals...


  • Nanke Pills Are Best in Treating BPH , I have Seen Improvement in my Frequent Night Urination Just in 3 days , I Needed to Use the Bathroom at least 4-5 Times a Night , With in 3 days of Nanke Pills the Frequency decreased to 1-2 times a Night , Now iam doing my third month of Treatment & Now i never need to Wake up during nights for bathroom , Symptoms Disappeared My prostate gland Shrunken iam Happy with the Results ..Thank you Dr.Ming

    57 years

  • I was Suffering From Chronic Prostatitis . I have been to all available urologists had repeated antibiotic Treatments and my Symptoms got Worst , pain was extreme . After 4 months of Treatment with Nanke Pills I have No Symptoms Now and No Bacteria Found in the Test , I am now a Complete new Person . The Prostatitis From Years just Cured in 4 Months I am Very Satisfied with the Results .

    32 years

  • I have Been Suffering From Enlarged Prostate Gland Since 12 Years . As i was very scared of the Side effects of Surgery that was when my doctor told me that there may be a Chance of having a Stoke or a Sudden Death During the Surgery , Just before I decided to Go for a Surgery i tried Nanke Pills , Which was a cure in my case i have had 6 Months Treatment , Now i Never See Any Symptoms & my prostate exam shown the Shrunken Prostate Gland , Symptoms Actually Started Disappearing Just in a Month The Nanke Pills & The Diet did the Trick in my case , I Suggest you to Contact Dr.Ming with Your Test Reports for the Accurate Diagnosis .

    65 years

  • I have Always Believed in Herbal Healing Methods it just took time for me to Find Nanke pills , I was suffering from Chronic Prostatitis , I was taking Doxycycline since 6 Years , Symptoms come and go , I have been away from sexual life . I felt like my life is lost and i was suicidal . while i was discussing with one of my friend about my pain he introduced Me to Dr.Ming . I never thought there is gonna be any miracle pills that could solve my problem but i started Noticing changes in Few weeks , After 3 Months of Treatment with Nanke Pills that So Called Miracle Happened In my life for the First time I have got my life back . I am Very Satisfied with the Results it's been an year after the Treatment now , I have never seen recurring Pain or symptoms thank you dr.ming for the Followups and Nanke Pills with my custom Diet Plan .

    38 years

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