BPH Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a Medical Condition of an Enlarged Prostate Gland. Which Mostly Occurs in the age groups between 45-65 Years . As this condition Enlarges the Prostate gland and the urethra that is Passing through the Prostate gland then Squeezed by Prostate Enlargement Thus causing Difficulties in emptying the bladder as emptying is getting Difficult the Person with BPH can be having an hard time with difficulties to urinate and emptying bladder .

Causes for the Enlargement of the Prostate gland can be Said to be Due to the Second Phase Growth of the Prostate Gland which starts after 25yrs of age but the Exact Causes are unknown .

Relation between BPH and Prostate Cancer :The Latest Studies shows that  BPH Can not be a Cause for the Prostate Cancer while The person With BPH can also be suffering from the Prostate Cancer at the Same time . So patients with Prostate Problems are Often asked for a Routine check up for tumors or Cancers and men aged above 40 Should consider to take Regular Prostate Examination at least once an year .There are no chances of BPH To turn in to cancers .

Available BPH Treatment Options:

Life Style Changing Treatment for BPH:

This treatment Method is Applied on patients with less Symptoms or patients with small enlargement of Prostate . Diet and Exercises Plays major roles in the whole treatment or Management .

Here are some Lifestyle Changes to be done for the patients with BPH :
Pelvic Muscle Strengthening Exercises
Having Dinner before 6:30 pm
Taking less or No Fluids 3-4 Hrs Before going to bed.
Ignoring Alcohol , Coffee & Soft drinks .

Treatment of BPH with Medication:

There are huge number of patients are prescribed with the medications as soon as they found out about the BPH it is Recommended that the Patients with no Symptoms or less symptoms can try to manage with the life style changing treatment method . While directly going on medication could help the patient temporarily but up on discontinuing the medication the patients conditions are back to the Worse condition as beginning so the patients with these condition has the large number recurrence even after taking the medication.

Treatment of BPH with Surgery:

This treatment can be an option for patients the treatment can last longer then the temporary Options but not for quite so long time as the surgery costs are quite high for such a temporary relief and the side effects may include secondary surgery infections , ejaculatory duct damage And there are numerous chances of Re enlargement of Prostate after the surgery , we have seen this in many cases the rapid growth in the Prostate after recovering from the surgery .

Treatment of BPH With Traditional Chinese Medicine :

Dr.Ming the Herbal Medicine founder who had already Treated successfully a Large number of Patents With BPH Treats the Patients with Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine which is made from herbs and with no side effects and Cost effective compare to the Prices of Life time Medication and Painful surgical treatment which is why many patients are showing interest in treatment with Dr.Ming’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Nanke Pills.

We have seen a large number of cases where the patients has been successfully treated in no less then 3-4 months whole Treatment .
Please Contact Dr.Ming with your reports and Detailed Disease History So that it would be easy for Doctor to Understand your disease and provide you with the Best Treatment Available with the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Contact Dr.Ming for the Complete Treatment

Please be specific about your age , your disease history , your symptoms etc..

Symptoms of BPH Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

*Difficulties In Emptying the Bladder
*Frequent Urination
*Urgent Need to Urinate
*Frequent Night Urinations
*Pain during urination or ejaculation
*Urine with blood
*Yellow Urine
*Urine With Odor
*Urinary retention
*UTI Urinary tract infections
*Bladder stones
*Bladder damage
*kidney damage

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DateJanuary 9, 2014