Chronic Prostatitis:

The Inflammation or an Infection of the Prostate which take Months or years Before the Patient Show any sort of Symptoms is usually Known as Chronic Prostatitis. Patients Suffering From Repeated Urinary Tract Infections are more likely to Suffer From Chronic Prostatitis .

Treatment For Chronic Prostatitis:

Patients Suffering From Chronic Prostatitis Are Generally Prescribed with Antibiotics first is the IV Then with Oral Antibiotics such as Doxycycline .

Side effects of the Antibiotics such as Doxycycline are apart , The patients Treated Over years are never successfully treated by the Antibiotics and are suffering from Side effects from the Antibiotics.

This is the Reason for the Patients With prostatitis has large number of cases where the Symptoms Recurrence Happens every few weeks to few months . Life Long this is Happening to patients with prostatitis when treated with antibiotics .

Alternative Chinese Traditional Medicine Treatment for Prostatitis:

 One Of the Most Successful way to Treat patients with Chronic Prostatitis which has history of Recurrence is By Traditional Chinese Medicine called Nanke Pills .

According to Dr.Ming The Medication is Made from Herbs which are 100 % Natural with out any side effects , Which flushes all the Toxins in the Prostate region and Enhances the Blood Circulation in the Prostate area and The Reason According the Traditional Chinese Medicine for causing the Chronic Prostatitis Is the heat in our body which causes the imbalance of the Positive and negatives energies In the body which effects mostly the reproductive and excretory systems of the body . Due to the Growing Heat in the Body the Inflammation occurs and the antibiotics can treat the inflammation but can not reduce the heat in the body which causes the imbalance of positive and negative energies .

So Dr.Ming’s Nanke Pills Helps the body to release the heat and balance the positive and negative energies in the body thus providing the Un suitable Growth conditions for the bacteria and the herbal agents can help to fight with the inflammation in the prostate area which helps patients a total relief from the Chronic Prostatitis which they are suffering from Years .

Please contact Dr.Ming Below  with Your Diagnosed reports & detailed Disease Information to Know if this Nanke Pills are Suitable as Your Chronic Prostatitis Treatment .

Contact Dr.Ming for the Complete Treatment

Please be specific about your age , your disease history , your symptoms etc..

Chronic Prostatitis Symptoms

*Pain During Ejaculation
*Frequent Urination
*Blood in the Urine
*Blood in the Semen
*Lower Back Pain
*Pain during Bowel Movements
*Erectile Dysfunction
*Urinary Tract Burning Sensation
*Urge to Urination
*Difficulties In emptying Bladder
*Urine Leak
*Weak Urine Flow

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DateJanuary 11, 2014

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