What causes prostatitis

Prostatitis is a male multiple disease, mostly in young men. Prostatitis seriously affects the patient’s health, many patients because of treatment is not timely and delayed the condition. At present, prostatitis is mainly acute and chronic. Acute prostatitis is mainly caused by bacterial infection, and most patients are aseptic prostatitis. Sedentary, drinking, smoking, etc., leading to perineal blood circulation slowed down, a direct result of the perineum and chronic congestion congestion in the prostate. Prostate congestion, so that part of the accumulation of metabolites, prostate gland obstruction, glandular drainage excrement, over time caused by chronic prostatitis.

  Benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis are common diseases of the male prostate. Prostatic hyperplasia, male elderly patients is one of the common diseases. With the increase of age, men are more or less have the phenomenon of prostate hyperplasia. Studies have shown that benign prostatic hyperplasia began after the age of 40, but more than 60 years of age is more common. The main symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia have dysuria, light up the night to get up the number of urination increased, there is no urine or urine after a small amount of discharge phenomenon; severe dysuria, or even row of the phenomenon; There are low back pain, limb weakness, nocturnal emission and other symptoms.

  Prostatitis refers to inflammation that occurs in the prostate tissue. As the prostate in a certain level of blood testosterone formation, women found only histological and embryological significance of the prostate trauma; no human anatomy of the prostate, prostatitis belongs to male disease. Incidence may also be related to seasons, diet, sexual activity, genitourinary tract inflammation, benign prostatic hyperplasia or lower urinary tract syndrome, occupational, socioeconomic status and psychosocial factors.

  Prostatitis causes are the following:

1, due to the complexity of prostatitis disease so that many patients can not distinguish themselves, delay the best treatment period.

  1. Prostate stones or benign prostatic hyperplasia of the prostate tissue congestion, resulting in infection, urethral dilatation when the operation of the urethral device into the bacteria and induce prostatitis.

  2. excessive massage of the prostate or excessive force, causing prostatic congestion and edema.

  3. Part of the sexually transmitted diseases are gonococcal urethritis common, Neisseria gonorrhoeae transurethral and prostate into the prostate and induce prostatitis.

  4. Regular alcoholism, excessive drinking, cycling, riding, etc. can cause prostate congestion, and the incidence of prostatitis are closely related.

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