What is prostatitis infection

In life, many male friends do not know how they suffer from prostatitis, in fact, there are many ways to infect prostatitis. To thoroughly treat prostatitis will clear the cause and condition, active treatment. So, what are the ways of infection of prostatitis?

  The goal of treatment of chronic prostatitis is mainly to relieve pain, improve urination symptoms and improve the quality of life, efficacy evaluation should be based on improved symptoms.

  1. General treatment Health education, psychological and behavioral counseling have a positive effect. Patients should be alcohol, avoid spicy food; avoid holding back urine, sedentary, pay attention to warm, strengthen physical exercise.

  2. Drug treatment of the most commonly used drugs are antibiotics, α-blockers, plant preparations and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics, other drugs to relieve symptoms also have varying degrees of efficacy.

  Prostatitis is an important factor affecting the health of men, in recent years, the incidence of a significant increase in the trend, due to many causes, treatment is not standardized, resulting in recurrent disease, long treatment, some patients affect fertility, sexual dysfunction, etc. Great physical and mental damage. Mainly manifested as pain, urinary tract symptoms, reproductive system symptoms; mental disorders: anxiety, fear, depression, low feelings, lack of confidence, depression, energy loss, low efficiency, fatigue, trust crisis. Some fear of the disease, repeatedly seeking treatment, and even the idea of suicide.So the need for self-psychological adjustment: to establish confidence and correct bad knowledge.Enhance self-care awareness of living, life and work to be regular, to maintain a good mental state, to develop a good living habits, scientific self-conditioning, to maintain adequate sMingp, pay attention to work and rest, and soon damp land.

  What is the route of infection of prostatitis

1, blood infection. Blood can be recycled to every part of the body, if some other parts of the inflammation did not get effective control, then the inflammation will be with the blood circulation to reach the prostate, because the prostate tissue is very fragile, by a large number of toxic bacteria invasion is easy It causes prostatitis. Some of the more common inflammation of the main tonsil, dental caries infection.

2, lymphatic infection. Lymphatic infection in the early childhood is more common, so through the lymphatic infection leading to the phenomenon of male prostatitis is still relatively rare, mainly through the lower urinary tract infection and colon inflammation of the prostate caused by stimulation of the formation of prostatitis.

3, direct spread. Direct spread of the way should be the most common way of infection, and bacteria directly through a variety of ways into the body of the internal, causing damage to the prostate, mainly bacteria can urinate through the urethra into the urethra, and then by Prostate catheter invasion of the prostate glands, if not found in time, the bacteria will be a lot of accumulation, stimulate the prostate caused by inflammation.

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