Treatment for Chronic Prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis is a common disease in the young male genitourinary system, frequently disease, occur in 20 to 40-year-old young men, according to statistics: more than 35 years old men, among every three people have a suffering from the prostate Inflammation, accounting for about 25% of male patients with urological male outpatient clinics. The clinical course of chronic prostatitis is a gradual and complex process, which itself has no serious consequences, does not affect life and work, but its accompanying sexual dysfunction (impotence, premature ejaculation) and reproductive disorders (male infertility) caused by Mental burden, often more than the disease itself.

  Cause some patients with chronic prostatitis difficult to cure the main reasons are the following: ① prostate acinar secretion of poor secretion: the prostate is a glandular organs, with secretory function, prostatic fluid constantly produced and require regular excretion. Prostate gland ducts due to walking shape, the path is longer and smaller opening diameter, the prostate peripheral area openings smaller diameter, the prostate peripheral duct can be right angle or even oblique into the posterior urethra, making the discharge of prostatic fluid More difficult, vulnerable to many factors and the emergence of poor secretion, resulting in retention of prostatic fluid and easily lead to infection. Such as glandular mouth of the water, fibrous hypertrophic obstruction and daily life in the long ride and so on.

  Now social development is getting faster and faster, medical equipment is getting better and better. At the same time in the treatment of chronic prostatitis this disease is also more and more drugs appear in the market, so many patients in the choice of treatment when the drug is very confused, so many patients are particularly want to know the treatment of chronic prostatitis What are the drugs?

  Therefore, in order to fight for a chronic prostatitis after a cure no recurrence, or reduce the number of recurrence, chronic prostatitis patients should start from the bit by bit to develop good health habits.

  Nanke Pill is a rare patent recipe for the treatment of male reproductive system diseases.Chinese medicine Nanke Pill is Chinese medicine physician Doctor Ming through three decades of clinical experience, summed up the compatibility of a treatment of male genitourinary system diseases (female urinary system diseases can also be taken) of traditional Chinese medicine prescription, the effect is significant, and apply for a national patent Official website: www.prostatitis-treatment.com). Its main ingredients from the carcasses, talc, honeysuckle, gardenia, Qu wheat, flat storage, safflower, peach kernel, angelica, red peony, seaweed, scutellaria, Houttuynia, Wang and other Chinese herbal composition. These ingredients in the treatment of urinary system diseases in the process played a detoxification, blood circulation, diuretic Tonglin and anti-proliferation, anti-fibrosis effect.Gertting rid off bad habits and go to doctors for right medicine.

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