Treatment of Acute Prostatitis

How to cure the acute prostatitis by traditional Chinese medicine? As we know, it is painful for a man to suffer from prostatitis because there is too much harm when a man suffers from the acute prostatitis. For example, the frequent urine、urgent urine and painful urine will occur at the urethra, What’s more, the sex intercourse of the patients will be seriously influenced. Thus the acute prostatitis has a great influence on the life of the patient.

   Only using the antibiotics to cure the acute prostatitis is not effective enough because of the special position and structure of the prostate. The thick and solid diolame outside the prostate formed a nature medicine barrier, so that the normal medicine cannot reach the focus. Therefore, the antibiotics do not work for the prostatitis. There is little pesticide effect of the antibiotics when the antibiotics reach the focus part after going through layer upon layer barriers. The curing result of antibiotics is quite slow and low efficient. What’s worse, the pathogene and the microorganism will easily retrograde into the body of the prostate and hide inside it. This will cause that the treatment for patient is delayed because it will take many years to cure the patient who suffers from acute prostatitis.

According to the ideas of the traditional Chinese medicine experts, the targeted treatment must be adopted so that the acute prostatitis can be high efficiently、rapidly and fully eradicated. Otherwise, any kinds of treatment are vain. Only rupturing of membranes is effective to cure the prostatitis.

The prostatitis patient can use the Nanke pill for curing. The antibiotics have the drug-fast. But the traditional Chinese medicine does not have the drug-fast, so the traditional Chinese medicine can be at ease use for the patient. It is unnecessary for the patient to worry about the growing of drug-fast bacteria in the intestinal tract. The traditional Chinese medicine can penetrate the thin film of the prostate. The effective concentration can directly reach the part of the focus. So the inflammation in the genitourinary tract can be eliminated at the source. What’s more, the traditional Chinese medicine is with anti hyperplasia and anti-fibrosis. The two kinds of effects can effectively put an end to the hyperplasia of the remaining focus. The two kinds of the effects from the traditional Chinese medicine can even prevent the recurrence of the prostatitis.

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