What is the best treatment for prostatitis?

The prostatitis gradually becomes one of the diseases which troubled men. More and more men become the prostatitis patients because of the life pressure and the unhealthy way of life. At the same time, the treatment methods are continuously increasing, such as surgeon treatment、physical therapy、western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. While many patients do not know which treatment is the best?

The main symptom of the prostatitis is the abnormal urination. First, the patient feels discomfort when he urinates. The patient will also feel burning、frequent urine、urgent urine and painful urine. Minority patients will see the exudation at the external urethral orifice in the morning. Residual urine is endless so that the short pants get wet. Second, the color of the urine is abnormal, majority of the urine color deepen. The muddy、white urine and the blood urine can be seen. Some patients think that it is difficult to urinate so that the patients should avoid drinking water. In fact, it is a misunderstanding. The regular urination can be effectively eased by reasonable drinking water.

The prostatitis patients should drink more water at daytime and drink appropriate water at night. Drinking more water can wash the prostate bacterial. Microbial infection is one of the factors which cause the prostate disease. Bacterialprotozoa and virus may cause the prostatitis. The bacterial prostatitis is the most common disease. The ways for the bacterial invading are as follows. First, the prostate is infected by the bacterial through blood. Second, the prostate is infected by bacterial through lymph. Third, the prostate is directly infected by bacterial. Therefore, the experts remind the patients to drink more water. Drinking more water not only can prevent and cure the prostate diseases, but also can effectively relieve the pains. The more water the patients drink, the more the patients urinate. The urine of high concentration has influence on the body of the patients. It will also stimulate the prostate. So the patients should drink more water to dilute the urine.

Experts suggest that men should regularly drink water so that drought in the prostate area can be effectively prevented. Furthermore, keeping the private parts clean、relaxing and relieving the stress、living regularly、taking the warm bathing frequently、keeping warm and defending cold、keeping away from caffeine、spicy food and alcohol can effectively prevent the prostate diseases. According to the experts, besides drinking water, the traditional Chinese medicine is also effective for the treatment of prostatitis. The traditional Chinese medicine can cure the disease without recurrence. The traditional Chinese medicine can be easily absorbed. The prostatitis is a kind of chronic disease so that the traditional Chinese medicine has the special advantage for curing prostatitis. Although the effect of the traditional Chinese medicine is slow, the traditional Chinese medicine is being conveniently used by the patients for long term. The traditional Chinese medicine has small side effect to the patients. And it can completely cure the prostatitis patients.

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