Symptoms of Prostatitis

1.The symptoms of the chronic prostatitis

There are many kinds of symptoms of the chronic prostatitis. Some patients of chronic prostatitis do not have any symptoms. While some patients of chronic prostatitis feel very discomfortable. The common symptoms of the chronic prostatitis are as follows.

(1)Discomfort urination: the irritation sign of bladde arises such as frequent urination、burning in the urethra during urinating. The patients feel painful.And the pain will radiate into the penis head. In the morning, there are some secretions such as the mucus in the urethral orifice.The patients will also feel difficult in urinating.

(2)Local symptoms: the patients feel fall-swell at the posterior urethra、perineum and anus. The swelling pain will be aggravated when the patients crouch、defecate and sit in the chair for a long time.

(3)Radiating pain: The pain caused by the chronic prostatitis is not limited at the urethra and at the perineum. The pain will also radiate into the nearby area. The pain at the waist is the most common. Besides, the pain will also radiate into the penis、spermatic cordtesticular scrotum、lower abdomen、inguinal regionthighs)、upper legs and bowel.

(4)Sexual dysfunction: the chronic prostatitis can cause the sexual hypoactivitypainful ejaculation and premature ejaculation. It will also affect the quality of the seminal fluid. The flowing white will arise in the urethra after urinating or during defecating.The hematospermia will appear when the seminal vesiculitis is combined.

(5)The other symptoms of chronic prostatitis: the chronic prostatitis can combine the nervous breakdown. The manifestations of the combination are weak、dizzy and insomnia. The long-time prostatitis symptoms even can cause the allergic reaction of the body such as conjunctivitis and arthritis.

2.The symptoms of the acute prostatitis

The onset of the acute prostatitis is urgent. The symptoms are the whole body is infected. Or the sepsis is indicated. The symptoms are also indicating high fever、frequent urine、urgent urine、painful urine、pain at the urethra、pain at perineum and pubis. The rectum bilges full. It is difficult to urinate. The oedema  and spasm of vesical cervix can cause the difficulty in urinating or even cause the urinary retention.

The expert reminds that learning more about what the symptoms of the prostate is can help men find the signs of the prostate as soon as possible. If the patients find the prostatitis earlier, they can take the treatment in time.

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