The mistaken ideas of prostatitis

First, will prostatitis affect sexual function? In some cases, prostatitis will affect the sexual function, such as some serious symptoms of micturition urgency, urine frequency and urinate too much at night, sometimes one has the symptoms of abdominal pain and ejaculation pain that will affect the sexual function. However, more often than not, the psychological effects outweigh the effects of the disease itself, and  there are a lot of inaccurate and exaggerated descriptions of the effects of prostatitis on the body and incorrect hints from some bad doctors online, which will induce patients to have symptoms of sexual dysfunction. In most cases, prostatitis has no effect or slight effect on sexual function.

Second, does prostatitis patient need long-term large dosage antibiotic? Prostatitis is a very common disease, and some researchers believe that about 50% of men have prostatitis in their lives. Although prostatitis like pneumonia, rhinitis and so on is also called inflammation, but prostatitis inflammation more than 90% has nothing to do with the bacterium, therefore, treating the large dosage use  of antibiotic as the main treatment method of prostatitis is the extremely wrong treatment method, it can only increase the drug-resistant bacterium production.

Third, does the effect of prostate inflammation injection treatment is better? Some medical institutions are like to take physiotherapy and injection therapy for patients with prostatitis. The reason is that the prostate is coated. The general medicine cannot go in.it is true that the prostate is coated, but it has nothing to do with the drug penetration mechanism, which does not constitute a barrier to drugs. Many drugs can be entered into prostate tissue and glandular tubes, and reach the therapeutic concentration required. At present, domestic and foreign scholars on the treatment of prostatitis has formed a consensus: the treatment of prostatitis is mainly drug treatment, especially using Chinese medicine, they do not recommend casual use of interventional (such as puncture injections, etc.) treatment.

Fourth, will prostatitis develop into prostate hypertrophy or prostate cancer? At present, there is no direct relationship between Prostatitis and prostatic hypertrophy, prostate cancer, the treatment timing, methods, treatment and prostate hypertrophy and prostate cancer is not clear relationship.

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