A new way to relief chronic prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis is a chronic disease in fact, Chinese Traditional medicine in the treatment of prostatitis has played a very important role, and the prospect is good too. Chinese medicine like Nanke Pill is derived from the nature of minerals, plants, animal medicine. There are no side effects, Prostatitis patient can adopt Chinese medicine treatment method cure prostatitis reducing side effect occurrence.

As a new prostatitis treatment, TCM treatment of prostatitis pay attention to syndrome differentiation and then treat it with the right remedy, it treats prostatitis focusing on regulating body function and improving endocrine and body immunity.

The main advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in treating prostatitis are as follows:

1 bactericidal strength: Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of prostatitis can well infiltrate into the prostate tissue directly, inhibit or kill pathogenic microorganisms compared with Western medicine.

2 toxic side effects and drug resistance: if the long-term use of some antibiotics, will inevitably produce resistance, many antibiotics on the liver and kidney toxic side effects, and the treatment of the disease of Chinese Medicine is almost no drug resistance, generally will not have toxic side effects on the liver and the human body.

3 comprehensive treatment is strong: on the one hand, Traditional Chinese medicine can be adapt to heat-clearing and detoxification, on the other hand, it can promote the blood circulation and stasis to regulate the prostate fluid, improving the functional state of the prostate, and can be equipped with perineum fumigation, herbal suppository plug anus, topically it can be used to acupuncture, massage and other comprehensive treatment.

Because the etiology and severity of different patients are different, we suggest that the best or directly way is to the formal professional male hospital to identify the cause. The real cure for prostatitis is the prevention of health care in daily life. Pay attention to keep enough rest, do not stay up late, keep defecate unobstructed, avoid spicy greasy excitant food such as tobacco and wine, onion, ginger and garlic, chili, coffee and so on. Warm food should not eat more. It is advisable to eat nourishing kidney and nourishing food. Drink plenty of water, exercise, eat more pumpkin.

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