Principles of treating prostatitis with traditional Chinese medicine

Chinese doctors think sedentariness is damage to bone, neck and shoulder. What’s more, sitting for a long time will slow blood circulation and cause chronic congestion in the perineum and prostate, especially in the perineal part of the blood circulation. Staying seated for longer periods of time will have a certain effect on the prostate. This is due to perineal prostate congestion can make the local metabolic product accumulate, which will make prostate gland tube excrete gland fluid difficultly and leading to chronic prostatitis eventually..

Prostatitis is not a serious illness, the body’s self-healing and recovery ability of young patients is stronger than the elderly, it can be easier to be cured . But in the course of treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, the patient’s daily diet also must keep healthy..

Chinese herbal medicine is based on the different symptoms of each patient to the drug treatment, the formula that is left by ancestors has more than 70 years of clinical experience, the formula belongs to the medicine homologous without side effects, mainly regulating the person’s own microcirculation immune system, repair the body, so as to achieve the role of prostatitis. Different from the traditional treating method such as blood-activating or hot tonic. Chinese herbal medicine is like balsam pear and hawthorn, which can be used medicinally or eat directly..

The principle of TCM treatment using Nanke Pill is not simple anti-inflammatory. In fact, the prostatitis is distorted by Western medicine that think prostatitis can be cured only by eating anti-inflammatory, leading to patients casually find a doctor to take some anti-inflammatory drugs. It should not be defined as inflammation, Causes of Prostatitis is the internal organs dysfunction that causes the endocrine imbalance and lead to the body hot and humid, the abnormal fluid environment of prostatic causes the prostate ulcer, so the uses of the antiphlogistic medicine is farfetched and have no use. Only by adjusting the liquid environment of the body before the inflammation can it be cured. And only traditional Chinese medicine has this ability, so treatment of prostatitis can only be cured through Chinese herbal medicine and patients should pay more attention to diet and rest in the same time.

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