The diagnosis of chronic prostatitis

The more typical trouble and pain for chronic prostatitis patient is micturition unusual and local ache unwell. However, as a result of disease and pain, it causes the patient’s appetite changes, insomnia and other symptoms, patients can also appear autonomic nervous dysfunction symptoms, and even a considerable number of patients can appear psychiatric symptoms. Therefore, all systemic and the organization organ’s annoyance and the pain for the chronic prostatitis patient are understandable, moreover, the chronic prostatitis patient’s clinical symptom often does not have the specificity, namely any clinical symptom cannot certainly be diagnosed as the chronic prostatitis.

According to the relative specificity and frequency of clinical symptom, the main clinical symptoms in patients with chronic prostatitis are as follows:

(1) micturition abnormality: micturition abnormality is one of the most common symptoms of chronic prostatitis, the main performance is sometimes light or weight or repeated episodes of urethral burns or pain, voiding discomfort, frequent urination, urinary urgency, urine pain, urine waiting, urine is not enough, urine drop, even after defecate appear “drop white” phenomenon, serious infected person or merge prostate hyperplasia also can have night urine, micturition difficulty, uric line is powerless, even urine reserve wait for symptom.

(2) The lower part of the vagina and waist pain or discomfort: painful symptom of chronic prostatitis is the main symptom. Patients often feel that perineal or prostate areas have a drop of pain, sore or painful, and therefore have a serious anxiety, even think “life is better than death” and suicidal tendencies.

(3) Fever and chills: fever and chills are relatively rare, and can be seen in patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis caused by gram-negative bacterial infection, especially in the aged and infirm. Long-term irregular fever or low fever symptoms characterized by unexplained conditions, the body temperature can fluctuate irregularly within the range from 37.5to 39.

(4) Sexual function change: main performance sexual function change can be different, it also may be chronic prostatitis common symptom. Most patients often exhibit sexual abnormalities, accompanied by decreased libido, decreased sexual function and significantly reduced sexual arousal or sexual activity. Some patients can have different degrees of painful erection and ejaculation pain, frequent emission, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, occasional blood sperm phenomenon.

(6) Some patients can have gastrointestinal symptoms of perianal swelling and stool changes, it can be manifested as stool dilute frequency and dry or dry and dilute alternating. According to our clinical observation, the chronic prostatitis patient’s 30% or so can appear this kind of defecate change, individual patient may take the intestinal change as the only symptom and the General Hospital’s digestive department.

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