What is the best antibiotic for prostatitis?

At present, the treatment of prostate diseases in traditional Chinese medicine has achieved good results. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment has small side effects, adapting to long-term use. But all need to under the doctors’ diagnose to decide to implement, patients in the treatment of chronic prostatitis in this process should actively cooperate with the Doctor

In the treatment of prostatitis, Traditional Chinese medicine has a lot of advantages compared with Western medicine antibiotics. Prostatitis Traditional Chinese medicine will be classified as “hot drench under the heat of damp-heat syndrome.” Chinese medicine is suitable for long-term use to eradicate disease safely. And traditional Chinese medicine is better to absorb and easier to relapse than Western medicine, it is a perfect cure for prostatitis choice. The etiology and pathogenesis of prostate after reasonable group, Nanke Pills, selected from genuine high-quality Chinese herbal medicine. make use of modern technology produce proprietary quality Chinese medicines, it help to heat and detoxification , promote blood circulation and improve the body immunity with the group of methods, The function is significant in treating heat-soaked hot-damp syndrome, frequent urination, urinary urgency, urinary astringent pain, short urine, urine leaching, urine red yellow, lumbago, abdominal pain and others. The common pathogenic bacteria of urinary system infection are Staphylococcus aureus, and the drug resistance rate of Staphylococcus aureus is as high as 62%, which makes Western medicine antibiotics and some Chinese herbs have no cure for the infection caused by the bacterium. The effect of Nanke Pills on urinary tract infection caused by Staphylococcus aureus was more significant and more stable.

The management of prostatitis is mainly antibiotic drug treatment supplemented by other comprehensive treatment. and must pay attention to change unhealthy habits, including: avoid long sedentary, spicy food, mutton dog meat and other hot products and do not take tonic, eat more vegetables fruit, keep defecate unobstructed, avoid sexual life too frequent and sexual life too little, avoid unclean sex life, strengthen exercise body, improve own immunity, and weekly prostate massage, physiotherapy, hot water sit bath, etc. can promote absorption and improve blood circulation, alleviate symptoms

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