How to avoid prostatitis and prostate cancer enlarge?

 Prostate cancer is one of the most common terrible tumors in men, and many people think that the only way for cancer is to give up treating it, which is not the right way. For example, prostate cancer can be treated according to different conditions.

Treatment of prostate cancer does not necessarily accept chemotherapy: Most friends think that cancer is going to be radiotherapy and chemotherapy, experts say: chemotherapy is not suitable for all cancer treatment. Prostate cancer in the course of the disease with the male hormone-related, it generally can be treated through endocrine treatment ,such as the implementation of “castration” (castration refers to the removal of the male individual from the essence of the nest, but the actual number of female ovaries also include the combination of the two, called gonad removal) or drugs to reduce the level of androgen can be a good control of prostate cancer, some patients with androgen tolerance may need chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery or targeted therapy. Therefore, treatment of prostate cancer does not necessarily have to do chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The incidence of prostate cancer in China is relatively low and many men do not know enough about it, they also do not pay attention to it. So many prostate cancers have been advanced when discovered. Because the prostate cancer is slow and the course time is long, clinically often see many patients will not to go to see a doctor examination until they have already appeared the bone pain. Only to discover prostate and prostate cancer enlarged, this is relatively late. Early signs often appear to be dysuria, urinary cord weakness, similar to the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. It should be prevention by usually supplemented with lycopene to help prevent prostate cancer in life. Because lycopene has antioxidant resistance that can eliminate the prostate and other organs harmful pathogenic free radicals, promote cell (gland) vitality, but also conducive to keeping the body youth.

Finally, patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia, especially elderly patients, need regular physical examination and B-ultrasonography to observe the size of the prostate to find whether there are nodules, meanwhile detecting the blood prostate antigen to find out whether the prostate cancer is cancerous.

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