Prostatitis Pain Symptoms

The prostatitis pain belongs to the symptoms of non- bacterial prostatitits. The main reason is that the symptoms of the prostatitis pain is similar to that of the non bacterial prostatitis such as frequent urine、frequent pain、urgent urine、discomfort at the perineum and difficulty in urinating. However, the doctor sees few white blood cells when he checks the prostate liquid. And there is no bacterial growing during the culture of the bacterial. The prostatitis pain usually is considered as neurasthenia. The patients feel very worried because they cannot get the appropriate treatment.

First, the patients say that they feel painful at the scrotum and at the epididymis. Actually, the testis examination is normal without abnormality. Some patients will tell the doctors that they feel fall-swell and painful in the perineum and symphysis pubis. They sometimes feel twitch at the lower abdomen. Some patients always feel painful at the urethra or at the anus. Some patients feel painful at the root of the upper legs or at one side of the upper legs or at the waist. The pain will radiate from the prostate to the surrounding of the prostate. The pains from the anus at night will wake the patients wake. This kind of pains usually urges the patients to go to the hospital for treatment.

Second, the frequent urine、urgent urine、painful urine and difficulty in urinating seem to be the infection of the urinary tract. Actually, there is no pathogenic bacterial in the urine. And there are no abundant white blood cells after examination.

Majority patients suffering from prostatitis pains have the mental stimulation such as bad mood and depression. If the job is not successful, the patients will always get angry. And the patients will get prostatitis painful after being angry for a long time. The students will also get the prostaitits pain symptoms because they get low marks in the tests or do not well in the college entrance examination.

Therefore, the prostatitis pain is called the depressed prostatitis in some information. The patients who have the mental depression and psychological barriers have more opportunity to suffer from the prostatitis pains.

Whatever the reason which causes the prostaitis pains can make the pressure of the urethra go high. And it can make the urination difficult. These will cause the shrink of the smooth muscle at the urethra so that the patients suffers from the pain because the uncoordinated action of all kinds of the smooth muscle.

The diagnose of the prostatitis pains

The features of the prostaitis pains are as follows according to the clinic features.

1、The liquid of the prostate is normal.

2、The urine flow diagram is sloping and half a tooth shape wave according to the examination of the urine flow rate. The average urine flow rate is obviously damaged. The maximum flow rate is normal.

3、Cystoscopy is usually indicating mild bladder neck obstruction and all kinds of trabeculation of bladder are done.

4、The obvious residual urine is indicated by B ultrasound only when the course of disease is long. But the prostate is normal.

Anyway, the patients should be positive to face the prostatitis pains whatever the prostatitis pain expresses. And the patients should cure the disease as soon as possible.

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