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Prostatitis not only seriously affects the normal life of males, but also plagued the male’s minds, emotions, leading to mental state of depression. More serious consequence is the impact of male fertility, thereby affecting the health of marriage and family. Prostatitis can be considered an occupational disease, maybe we will be very difficult to understand, but it is true, why so to say, because prostatitis often appear in the driver, office white-collar workers, night shift and other groups, these people have a common feature is a long Sit still, and tired work pressure, so that prostatitis can be considered an occupational disease.

This male common disease and frequently-occurring disease, because of the current causes of its understanding is not very clear, coupled with its more specific anatomical structure and occurred in the frequent sexual activity and many other reasons, so that it is not easy to treat it. Life can often see patients with prostatitis repeated treatment, cannot cure the situation. In fact, with the continuous development of medicine, many methods in the treatment of prostatitis have achieved significant therapeutic effect, as long as the patient to establish the confidence to overcome the disease, with the doctor in close cooperation, can cure prostatitis, start a new life.

Prostatitis refers to the prostate-specific and non-specific infection caused by acute and chronic inflammation, resulting in systemic or local symptoms. Prostatitis can be divided into nonspecific bacterial prostatitis, idiopathic bacterial prostatitis (also known as prostate disease), specific prostatitis (caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae, tuberculosis, fungi, parasites, etc.), non-specific granuloma Prostatitis, other pathogens (such as viruses, mycoplasma, chlamydia, etc.) caused by prostatitis, prostate congestion and prostate pain. Type I and type Ⅱ prostatitis main pathogenic factors for pathogen infection, pathogens with urine into the prostate, leading to infection. The pathogenesis of type Ⅲ is unknown, the etiology is very complex, the main cause may be pathogen infection, urinary dysfunction, mental and psychological factors, neuroendocrine factors, immune response abnormalities, oxidative stress theory, lower urinary tract epithelial dysfunction. So the treatment of prostatitis is to avoid recurrence to precise classification and personalized treatment.

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