Prostatitis prognosis

Prostatitis generally has the following symptoms: urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, urination, urethral discomfort or burning. Sometimes there may be blood sperm, perineal pain, and sexual dysfunction, mental and neurological symptoms. Acute prostatitis general anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory treatment, chronic prostatitis Chinese medicine efficacy is good, and the prospects are optimistic. Chinese medicine generally need to type differentiation treatment, most of the existence of hot and humid bets. Through the heat and dampness and kidney medicine is curable.

Prostatitis can be cured, and then the prognosis of the situation should be no problem. But the clinical many patients with chronic prostatitis have complained about their own prostate disease for many years, but also affected the normal life. I would like to ask, what is the prognosis of prostatitis in the end how? Chronic bacterial prostatitis itself has little effect on the body, but because of its difficult to cure, easily repeated and cause a series of complex syndromes, causing great psychological damage to patients, and can cause mental depression and sexual dysfunction The Mental depression and the occurrence of sexual dysfunction, in turn, exacerbate the patient’s concern for the disease, fear. Therefore, the prognosis of this disease is still difficult to meet, but early detection, the correct treatment, while patients can effectively cooperate with the treatment, the condition can be controlled until the cure.

Prostate dysfunction (formerly known as chronic aseptic prostatitis) is a good prognosis, generally without antibiotic treatment. For severe symptoms, Western medicine is usually taken to symptomatic treatment methods, Chinese medicine is syndrome differentiation. The harm of the disease is not the disease itself, but the patient due to anxiety and brought a series of mental, neurological symptoms. Therefore, for the emergence of severe mental symptoms, in addition to treatment with traditional Chinese medicine heat dampness, blood circulation, expectorant Sanjie, fill the essence of kidney and other traditional Chinese medicine treatment, but also psychological counseling, active treatment has appeared in a variety of psychiatric symptoms. Only in this way can a good prognosis.

Doctors pointed out that the prevalence of prostate disease, the patient population more, so more understanding of the clinical features of prostate disease, timely detection of the disease, is the premise of medical treatment as soon as possible. Prostatitis can cause more symptoms, may be asymptomatic, can also be obvious symptoms, delayed healing. In view of the above advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, making people more and more attention to the understanding of Chinese medicine, people increasingly recognized Chinese medicine, I believe that with the continuous development of society, people will have more Chinese medicine, more scientific and full use, So that it can in today’s and even the future of the medical front to give full play to the advantage.

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