Severe Prostatitis

The prostate is the most common problem in the male genitourinary system. Common in all ages male prostatitis can be divided into acute and chronic. It is usually caused by bacterial infection in other parts of the body caused by invasion of the prostate. Prostatitis can completely or partially obstruct the urine from the bladder, leading to urine retention. This causes the bladder to swell, debilitate, and susceptible to infection (due to accumulation of urine in the bacteria). Bladder infection is easily transmitted to the kidneys through the ureter. Acute prostatitis symptoms are between the scrotum to the rectum pain, fever, frequent urination and a burning sensation, urine with blood or pus. Chronic prostate symptoms are frequent urination and burning sensation, urine bloody, lower back pain, impotence.

Prostatitis refers to inflammation in the prostate tissue. Refers to the prostate-specific and non-specific infection caused by acute and chronic inflammation, resulting in systemic or local symptoms. As the prostate in a certain level of blood testosterone formation, women found only histological and embryological significance of the prostate trauma; no human anatomy in the sense of the prostate, prostatitis is male disease. Incidence may also be related to seasons, diet, sexual activity, genitourinary tract inflammation, benign prostatic hyperplasia or lower urinary tract syndrome, occupational, socioeconomic status and psychosocial factors. Prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis are common diseases of the male prostate. Prostatic hyperplasia, male elderly patients is one of the common diseases. With the increase of age, men more or less have the phenomenon of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Studies have shown that benign prostatic hyperplasia began after the age of 40, but more than 60 years of age is more common. The main symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia have dysuria, the light up the night to get up the number of urination increased, there is no urine after urine or urine after a small amount of discharge phenomenon; severe dysuria, or even not the phenomenon; There are low back pain, limb weakness, nocturnal emission and other symptoms.

Sexual dysfunction, prostatitis and infertility, is the more common male diseases. Some single men due to long-term depression, itself is prone to prostate discomfort occurs. These people tend to cultural level is not high, see the male hospital exaggerated publicity, coupled with the description of the doctor and they believe that suffering from prostatitis. Men’s disease is often caused by psychological problems, such as mental stress will cause premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and even prostatitis. Private hospital doctors will use the patient fragile, suspicious of the psychological, exaggerate the consequences of the disease, completely defeated the patient’s psychological defense.

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