Prostatitis Medication

What are the symptoms and hazards of prostatitis? Prostatitis is not the mouth of the mouth can be clear. Because prostatitis has a variety of types, different types of prostatitis, the harm is not the same.

  Prostatitis is a common disease, frequently disease, the disease is often lingering refractory, seriously affecting the quality of life of patients, clinical treatment of patients with treatment results are not satisfied. The author after years of clinical practice, the use of traditional Chinese medicine decoction, proprietary Chinese medicine treatment of chronic prostatitis, the effect is better in improving symptoms while improving the quality of life of patients.

  From the pathological changes of chronic prostatitis, the first stage of treatment should be mainly detoxification anti-inflammatory, after 1-2 months of treatment, the prostate inflammatory lesions can be significantly improved, and this stage of the prostate congestion Swelling and other blood stasis can not be improved, therefore, this time must accept the second stage of blood circulation, expectorant Sanjie, Tongluo pain treatment. And after this period of 1-3 months of treatment, the prostate congestion and swelling of the pain symptoms will be significantly improved or even eliminated. And then need is the third stage to fill the essence of kidney, restore the normal physiological function of the prostate treatment. If you do not do the third stage of treatment, that had “injured” prostate, because of their own lack of resistance to disease, and complex sense of exogenous pathogens, causing chronic prostatitis again. This is why many prostatitis patients “cure” and then easily “relapse” one of the reasons.Therefore, chronic prostatitis is not bad governance, as long as the treatment of the right way, adhere to the correct treatment of enough time, is sure to be cured.

  Prostatitis can damage the patient’s kidney, the patient’s urethra can cause oppression, leading to urinary tract obstruction, kidney water and so on. Prostatitis also affects the patient’s reproductive function. Because the prostatic fluid secretion is not normal, sperm survival and quality will be affected, resulting in seminal vesiculitis, blood sperm, and even infertility and so on.Prostatitis also affects chronic sexual function, sexual excitement nerve damage, it will affect the sex between husband and wife. But also lead to other diseases, it is prone to bacterial infection, triggering urinary infection, leading to seminal vesiculitis and ureteritis.

  The methods provided on the web pages by many famous doctors didn’t take effect. Now I would like to introduce two kinds new medicine which of great help for our male friends:Nanke Pill can  cure  men’s reproductive diseases like epididymitis, prostatitis, sperm  problem  caused by infection, chlamydia infection, mycoplasma infection, and  men’s and women’s genitourinary disorder like UTI,  bladder infection and so on.Why it is reliable?

Here I would like to take an example:Pure Chinese medicine Nanke Pill brings together Doctor Ming Chinese medicine for decades of clinical practice experience is a complete formula of traditional Chinese medicine, because the exact effect and create a stunning real rehabilitation miracle .

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