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Prostatitis treatment, due to the physiological characteristics of the prostate, simple drug therapy is often not ideal. Drug treatment and physical therapy combined with the treatment has achieved satisfactory clinical effects of prostatitis treatment, in addition to drug treatment and physical therapy, Self-maintenance in the treatment and prevention of recurrence is also very important, such as: smoking and alcohol, less spicy, to prevent fatigue, appropriate exercise, pay attention to warm, especially the control of sexual life.

  Prostatitis is one of the common diseases of adult males. Although it is not a direct life-threatening disease, it seriously affects the quality of life of the patient. Prostatitis patients accounted for urinary surgery outpatients in patients with 8% to 25%, about 50% of men in a certain period of life will be affected by prostatitis. Prostatitis can affect adult men of all ages, and the prevalence of adult males under 50 is higher. Prostatitis may also be associated with seasonal, dietary, sexual activity, genitourinary tract inflammation, benign prostatic hyperplasia or lower urinary tract syndrome, occupational, socioeconomic status and psychosocial factors.

  Disease classification:By comparing the number of white blood cells and the results of bacterial culture in the urine of the initial urine, the middle urine, the prostate massage fluid and the prostate massage, the prostatitis is divided into acute bacterial prostatitis (ABP), chronic bacterial prostatitis Chronic pancreatic prostatitis (CBP), chronic nonbacterial prostatitis (CNP), prostatodynia (PD).prostatitis patients can drink plenty of water, more urination, because the water and timely urination to avoid high concentrations of urine on the prostate caused by stimulation, drink plenty of water can dilute the concentration of urine, the urine of bacteria discharge. In daily life to drink tea in addition to prevention and improvement of urinary tract inflammation.

  Prostatitis for many reasons, mainly the decline in collective immunity and pathogen invasion. Your situation is prostatitis, I suggest you go to the hospital to check, after the diagnosis of active treatment, prostatitis is very difficult to completely cure, I hope you have the heart to prepare, and active treatment. Prostatitis treatment is best to use the combination of Chinese and Western treatment, first with antibiotics for 7-14 days, and then consolidate the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, prostatitis treatment to the system according to treatment, in order to completely cure. During the treatment of plenty of water, do not sit for a long time riding, do not eat spicy food, do not smoke and drink, regular sex life.

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