What are the symptoms and risk factors of enlarged prostate cancer?

As men grow older, the risk of having prostate problems increases. Common prostate problems are inflammation of prostate, enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. Among them, the most sever one is prostate cancer which is one of the most common cancer in older men. It is the formation of cancer cells in the prostate gland which makes fluid that nourishes and carries sperm. Compared with other cancers, prostate cancer is not aggressive and usually does not spread quickly. Early detection of prostate cancer increases chances of successful treatment. It is better to observe if you have some symptoms of prostate cancer and get treatment as early as possible. To know the symptoms and risk factors of prostate cancer is very important for older men.

  1. Symptoms of enlarged prostate cancer

Because the prostate gland sits below the bladder, prostate cancer often presents with urinary symptoms. As the prostate grow larger due to cancer (enlarged prostate cancer), it may squeeze the urethra and cause urinary problems. The common symptoms of enlarged prostate cancer include having trouble in passing urine, frequent urinating, having a sensation to urinate immediately, urinate many times at night, painful urination and weak or interrupted urine stream. The less common symptoms of enlarged prostate cancer include urine blood or semen, impotence, painful ejaculation, back, pelvis or hip pain when urinating and loss of bladder control.

  1. Risk factors of enlarged prostate cancer

There are some risk factors such as age, family history, race and dietary habit that can raise your chance of developing prostate cancer. Men who are older than 50 years have a higher risk of prostate cancer. Genetic factors including race and family is another type of risk factors. Men whose father or brother have prostate cancer have twice the risk of suffering from prostate cancer. Black men have a higher risk of prostate cancer than other races. Some dietary factors are also linked with prostate cancer. Studies show that eating high-fat diets or lower blood levels of vitamin D may raise the risk of having prostate cancer.

If you are older than 50 years and have some urinary problems like having trouble in passing urine or a sensation to urinate immediately or frequent urination at night, don’t ignore these symptoms. They may be symptoms of enlarged prostate cancer. The earlier you are aware of these symptoms of enlarged prostate cancer, the better chances you have to get a successful treatment.

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