Prostatitis Causes

Prostatitis Causes : Depending on the Type of the Prostatitis the Patient Suffering From the Cause can be Different .Some of the Major Causes Of Prostatitis Are Listed Below :


2.Non- Bacterial

3.Untreated UTI – Urinary Tract Infections

4.Life Style

5.Surgical Procedures

6.Irregular Cell Growth

Bacterial Cause for the Prostatitis :

Bacteria Is One Of The Major Cause for the Prostatitis , Bacteria Seems to Be First Infecting the Urethra / Urinary tract  which left untreated or Due to Poor Diagnosis or Due to the misdiagnose , The Bacteria then Entering in to the Prostate Region and effecting Prostate Glands , Left Untreated May also cause Bladder Infections .

Non-Bacterial Causes for the Prostatitis :

Non Bacterial Causes for the Prostatitis may be due to the Unknown Inflammation or Unknown Perineum Injury that effect the Prostate gland thus the Symptoms Appears .

Untreated UTI Causes For The Prostatitis :

Urinary Tract Infections Left Untreated For a Period Of time that can later infect the Prostate gland , which can be a Bacterial , The Primary Cause of the UTI Can be Bacterial and thus The Infection Spreading through Urethra then the Prostate Gland .

Life Style Causes For the Prostatitis :

Prostatitis Is not a Life Style Disease but there are some Life Style Practices may be are the causes of Prostatitis . which can include long Sittings , Regular Injuries at perineum , Irregular Body Movements , Long term Unwanted use Of Sexual enhancement Products , Sperm stimulator Usage for long sexual Activities can cause Prostatitis .

Surgical Procedures Causes for the Prostatitis :

Recent Researches States that Surgical Procedures may also be a Cause for the Prostatitis , Patients Having a Urinary Catheter , cystoscopy  , Biopsy of Prostate are more likely to Suffer from Prostatitis or Prostatitis Like Symtoms .

Irregular Cell Growth Causes for the Prostatitis :

The Unknown Cause of Irregular Cell Growth is also a Cause for the Prostatitis , The growth of the cells can be increase in the Size of the Cell (Hypertrophy) or an Increase in the Number of Cells (Hyperplasia) .

Best Available Complete Prostatitis Treatment :

Tcm Traditional Chinese Medicine Nanke Pills By Dr.Ming is Known to it’s Properties to Treat Prostatitis , Dr.Ming According to Traditional Chinese Medicine The main cause for the Prostatitis Is the Body Environment Condition , The Body maintains heat and cold Balance so that our body does not malfunction , As Damp heat increases in the Body , Our Body tries to eliminate the Heat out of our body From most of the Openings such as excretory system is an opening , Reproductive system is also an opening , Mouth , Ears , etc are the several openings of the Body . Our body tries to eliminated the heat through the openings as our bodies ability of Eliminating heat is not enough the Heat then settles down in the Excretory or the Reproductive system , which gives the perfect environment to the Bacterial Infections , Heat Inflammations , Irregular Cell Growth etc.

While western medicine Trying to Fight the Symptoms , The Traditional Chinese Medicine Working on the Principle of eliminating Heat with the help of our own body , by increasing the Immunity , Disease Resistance Power , Which is called to be “QI”  The energy According to Traditional Chinese Medicine . By eliminating the Heat and balancing the Qi . Our body goes back to Normal as before un diseased .

The Herbs also Contain specific Characteristics that can Help the Previous Damage caused To the Body and Flush out the Toxins Present in the Body , Reduce the Inflammation . Thus there are huge number of patients suffering from Protatitis Treated successfully By Dr.Ming Traditional Chinese Medicine Nanke Pills .

Please Contact Dr.Dr.Ming with your detailed Disease History including Age , Symptoms , Test Reports So that Dr.Ming could provide you with the best Prostatitis Treatment .

Please Provide the Symptoms that you are Suffering from Followed By ","
Please Provide the Info about when did you First Diagnosed with the Condition , What Kind of Treatments Have you Been Taking Since Then etc.
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