Prostatic Hyperplasia

Prostatic Hyperplasia is a Condition where there is an increase in the number of cells in the Prostate area which causes the Enlargement of the Prostate .

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) : is the Enlarged Prostate gland due to the Increase in the Number of Cells in the Prostate Gland .This condition is non Cancerous .

Symptoms of Prostatic Hyperplasia :  This Disease Condition Can be Usually seen in Men in Age groups Between 45-65 . The Symptoms for Prostatic Hyperplasia Include :

1.Frequent Urination

2.Multiple Night Urination

3.Pain During Urination

4.Pain During Ejaculation

5.Urine Leakage

6.Lower Back Pain

Self Diagnosing Is Wrong Please visit your Local Medical Professional If you have any of the Above Mentioned Symptoms For a Physical Prostate Examination .

Treatment Methods For Prostatic Hyperplasia :

Depending On the Patients Disease Condition there different Treatment methods Available For patients , As there is No cure in Western Medicine For Prostatitic Conditions , They follow the Symptom Management or Pain management as a Primary Treatment for The Prostatic Hyperplasia .

Below are the Some of the Major Prostatic Hyperplasia Treatment Options Being Used across the Globe Currently .

Symptoms Management Treatment For Prostatic Hyperplasia : 

Antibiotics , Diet , Pain Killers , Alpha Blockers (Used to Relax Muscles In the Prostate Area) are generally used as a Symptoms Management Treatment for Prostatic Hyperplasia .

Surgical Treatment To Manage Symptoms For Prostatic Hyperplasia with High Range Of Side Effects :

Surgical Treatments Such as Prostatectomy Either Simple Or Radical Prostatectomy Is performed On the Patient which Can be Open Prostatectomy in which Lower Abdomen is Wide open to Perform the Procedure  or a Minimally Invasive Surgery which can also be a Robotic Surgery .

The Above Mentioned Surgical Treatments can be performed on patients suffering from Prostatic Hyperplasia in which a partial Prostate gland is removed to clear the Urethral Passage which is then able to manage the Symptoms Such As Frequent Urination , Pain during Urination , Pain While Ejaculation . Night Frequent Urination etc .

There are some Extreme Side effects that come Along with the surgical Treatment of Prostatic Hyperplasia which include :

1.Severe Pain


3.Erectile Dysfunction

4.Ejaculatory Problems

5.Urethral Infections

6.Sudden Death

Price For Prostatectomy : Depending on the Surgeon & The Clinic you have chosen the Price For The Prostatectomy Including Aesthesia Ranges from 45,000 USD to 80,000 USD.

Due to It’s High Price & Extreme Side Effects Patients Doesn’t Show Much Interest Towards Prostatectomy , Only Patients Suffering From Prostate Cancer May go for the Radical Prostatectomy Procedure knowing the Side Effects of the Procedure .

Traditional Chinese Medicine As a Best Treatment Option for Prostatic Hyperplasia : Dr.Ming Traditional Chinese Medicine Master who involved in the Research since 35 yrs with the Knowledge of 3500 Yrs of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice has a Perfect Herbal Formula Nanke Pills for the Prostatic Hyperplasia , The Herbal Medication is Provided According to the Patients Disease Condition .

Which Shows No Side effects can help to shrink the Prostate Gland and enhance the Blood circulation in the Prostate area , Increase the immunity to Fight against The Bacterial Infections , Reduce the Inflammation , Doctor Says that the Research they do is to Fight against the Root Causing the Increase in the Number of the Cells in the Prostate gland ,which is why the Medicine can Shrink the Prostate Gland ,

As this Treatment is Not a Symptoms Management Treatment and non surgical Oral Herbal Medicine Treatment with No side effects patients can easily store the Herbal Medicine and at their Home and Follow the Diet As directed by Dr.Ming with which the Patients showing Great Results In 2-3 Months of Treatment with these Chinese Herbal Medication Nanke Pills. Doctor says that this medication is Not a Symptoms Management or Pain killing or muscle relaxing Treatment , It’s a Complete Herbal Treatment For Prostatic Hyperplasia.

Understand the Patients Disease is Important to Treat The Disease .

Please Contact Dr.Ming with your Detailed Disease History Including Your Diagnosed Reports and Previous Treatments and Detail Symptoms So that Dr.Ming can be able to provide you the Best Complete Treatment For Prostatic Hyperplasia

Please Provide the Symptoms that you are Suffering from Followed By ","
Please Provide the Info about when did you First Diagnosed with the Condition , What Kind of Treatments Have you Been Taking Since Then etc.
If you are Suffering from Other Diseases Including Prostate Related Disease , Please Provide The Information of the Other Disease that you are suffering from .

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