Prostatitis Antibiotic not helping

Prostatitis is divided into several types, different types of medication and so are not the same, the use of antibiotics alone cannot cure prostatitis. Prostatitis is more difficult to heal, and cause a lot of prostatitis, in the absence of a certain cause, do not blindly medication, so as not to aggravate the condition, it is recommended that you go to the professional male hospital as soon as possible to check what causes, For treatment, while in daily life should pay attention to eating habits and local warmth.

Prostatitis treatment goals are mainly to relieve pain, improve urination symptoms and improve the quality of life, efficacy evaluation should be based on symptom improvement. Can now take anti-inflammatory drug treatment, you can also take the traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, in the drug treatment at the same time, to drink plenty of water, avoid spicy food irritation. Many patients take it for granted that since prostatitis is inflammation, is it not natural to use anti-inflammatory antibiotics? Also heard the doctor said, after the prostatic fluid examination, which has white blood cells, no antibiotics with what?

In fact, patients should first understand this information: the US National Institutes of Health pointed out that the main type of prostatitis is chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, accounting for more than 90% of prostatitis. And prostatic fluid mixed with white blood cells, does not necessarily mean that certainly is bacterial prostatitis. It is necessary to choose sensitive antibiotic therapy. But the method for the treatment of chronic prostatitis, it is difficult to achieve satisfactory results. Therefore, unless the patient has a history of urethral infection, prostatic fluid culture has a clear pathogen, the doctor will use antibiotics, otherwise, do not recommend patients with blind use of antibiotics.

Life Note

(1)a correct understanding of prostatitis, is a common disease, frequently ill, is not an incurable disease, but not ashamed to reduce the psychological pressure, as long as active treatment, good self-care, the symptoms can be cured until cured;

(2) to strengthen the exercise. According to personal circumstances choose to climb, jogging, brisk walking, swimming and other easy to carry out the movement, each thirty to forty minutes, three to four times a week; not only to improve the constitution, and after exercise the patient’s mental state will be significantly improved;

(3) alcohol, eat spicy food, but do not advocate strict restrictions on diet; usually you can eat apples, apples in the high content of zinc, the prostate is a protective factor.

(4) to promote the law of normal x life; x before drinking water, x life after the two sides must urinate once;

(5) to avoid fatigue, holding back and cycling too long;

(6) to avoid sedentary, sitting time more than two hours, can stand for 5-10 mins.

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