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Prostatitis is a male disease, timely treatment is very critical. For a lot of treatment of prostatitis, drug therapy is one of them, what is prostatitis drug treatment about? This is the urgent answer now many patients want to know. In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, some more and more difficult diseases, the drug in the treatment of these incurable diseases is not a good advantage, often due to drug adverse reactions and the effect of inaccurate. The patient had to give up the application of traditional Chinese medicine to treat. In recent years, the emergence of “non-Code” and this year’s “hand. Foot. Mouth disease.” The treatment of Chinese medicine has played a great therapeutic advantage, people increasingly feel the absolute advantage of medicine.

 Antibiotic treatment of prostatitis early have a certain effect, but the late effect gradually reduced or even disappear, cannot be from the fundamental treatment of prostatitis inflammation. Thorough treatment recommended traditional Chinese medicine conditioning with diet.

The incidence of prostatitis is mainly related to the following factors

(1) The prostate of the abnormal congestion, such as x life too frequent, excessive control, too much hand y; sedentary, long driving, cycling, riding, such as drivers, white-collar workers and other groups. Alcoholic, spicy food, cold food.

(2) pathogenic microbial infection: bacteria, protozoa, fungi, viruses are likely to lead to prostatitis infection, pathogens in addition to blood infection, lymphatic infection outside the direct spread is a very common way of infection, men urinate After the prostate, urine bacteria directly infected with the prostate and the incidence of men with prostatitis recurrent, long treatment, the love should also check whether there is urinary or genital infection. Thus promoting husband and wife Tongzhi.

(3) Mental anxiety, depression and fear: often because they do not understand prostatitis, and in the prostatitis has a heavy psychological burden after the study shows that patients with prolonged unhealed prostatitis more than half of the existence of significant psychosocial factors And changes in personality traits.

  Antibiotics are easy to produce resistance, not easy to post-treatment, because each patient’s situation is different, so the choice of treatment is also different. Only choose the appropriate treatment, in order to effectively treat prostatitis.Prostatitis patients must not use long-term use of anti-.Sheng, excited, prime, medium or drug treatment, side effects, long time will affect the sperm activity and sperm quality, not only increase the difficulty of treatment later, a long time, May lead to males. Like these methods may be quick, but it is tantamount to poison to quench thirst, women eat high-performance resistance. Health will be more than to leave or not regular, not to mention the male, so the resistance. And use to be careful, to avoid trying to avoid.

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