It is time to end the pain from benign prostatic hyperplasia

The prostate is below the bladder neck of the male which is a gland wrapped around the urethra. It secretes the prostatic fluid, which is an important part of semen. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a common disease for the elderly. With the inevitable population aging, human life has been increased year by year. So the incidence of benign prostatic hyperplasia had a substantial increase than before and benign prostatic hyperplasia has been one of the most common geriatric diseases among elder men.

With the growth of male’s age, male over the age of 55 usually suffers from benign prostatic hyperplasia. And when they reach 80 years old, of which more than 75% suffer from benign prostatic hyperplasia. At present, surgery is one of the most effective means of treatment. Although the surgical effect is good and the mortality rate is not high, it still brings damage to the patient from varying degrees. In addition, the patients of the disease is generally so old that their physiological functions are weak. Therefore, if we can find an effective and safe non-surgical treatment, which not only can prevent the development of the disease, but also can reduce the symptoms of patients, it will be good news for those elder male patients.

In recent years, the traditional Chinese drug treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia has made great progress. Nanke Pills, as one of the best medications for prostatitis, contain plantago seed, Dianthus superbus, talcum, earthworm, Polygonum aviculare, herba laminariae, pangolin, saffron, semen persicae, honeysuckle, lignum aquilariae, etc. They are made out of Chinese herbal medicines by Dr. Ming so their color is brown.

Among them, saffron tastes sweet and a little spicy. Its body is light. So it can promote blood circulation for removing blood, relieve qi stagnation and cool the blood to remove toxin for detumescence. In addition, saffron will inhibit platelet aggregation, prevent from thrombosis to improve mini-circulation. Honeysuckle will remove swelling and reduce inflammation, relieve heat and tonify deficiency. Plantago, as well as Polygonum aviculare, can prevent from damp heat in the lower body and disinhibit urine and free strangury. Therefore, Nanke Pill, which mixed these herbs, cure the benign prostatic hyperplasia by the method of clearing away heat, eliminating dampness, benefiting kidney for activating blood circulation. Just because of that, the pills are called the best medication of prostatitis.

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