Nanke Pill- a herbal prostatitis therapy

Prostatitis refers to an inflammation of the prostate gland. It is very common to see in men. Symptoms vary in different types. For example, if you have acute bacterial prostatitis, you may suffer from high fever, muscle aches, low-back pain, painful urination or weak urine stream. To relieve these symptoms of prostatitis or cure prostatitis, there are western drug therapies and natural treatment options. Among natural treatment options, the herbal therapy is very effective. Today, we will talk about one of the herbal prostatitis therapy, Nanke Pill.

Nanke Pill is a patented medicine with complete effects on prostatitis developed by many-years research. It contains various herbs such as plantain seeds, pink herbs, peach seeds and Chinese angelica which are helpful to get rid of prostatitis. Plantain seeds has been used as herbal remedies for ages. This herb has very good anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects. Pink herbs and peach seeds can be used to remove blood stasis and activate blood stagnation. Chinese angelica help promote blood circulation and relieve pain. The combination of these herbs can solve the urinary problems caused by prostatitis such as frequent urination and urgency of urination and so on. .It can also alleviate the pain caused by the inflammation of the prostate by promoting blood and Qi circulation.

Compared with the western drug therapies, Nanke Pill does not harm kidney and cause drug resistance. It can cure all the kinds of prostatitis. For example, for chronic bacterial prostatitis and chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, by taking the Pill for only one month, the symptoms of prostatitis can be relieved a lot and after 3 months course of treatment, the disease can be get rid of thoroughly. The good effects were proved in clinical treatments. Besides, it can also cure complications like orchiditis and dysfunction. It can kill bacteria to get rid of inflammation completely to avoid reoccurrence. It is made of natural herbs without any side effects. It helps clear away heat and toxic, activate blood and dissolve stasis, promote Qi circulation and alleviate pain and promote diuresis and relieve stranguria.

If western drug therapies do not work, you had better have a try of Nanke Pill which is very popular herbal prostatitis therapy with proven effects in China. If you want to know more, you can visit the website of Dr.Ming’s TCM clinic.

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