Symptoms for prostatitis are key to BPH treatment

With the increasing development of the national economy, China has been at the aging stage. At the same time, benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), as a common male disease among elder people, is increasingly becoming a common factor affecting the quality of elderly life. And then what’s BPH? It is also called benign prostate enlargement. This is caused mainly by interstitial and glandular components hyperplasia, which leads to the obstruction of bladder outlet in two different ways. One is static obstruction, which is caused by mass constriction of hyperplasia. The other is dynamic blocking caused by the contraction of the prostate capsule and interstitial including bladder neck and prostate smooth muscle tissue, etc. These lead to the symptoms for prostatitis and affect the quality of life from different degrees.

There are many symptoms for prostatitis. Firstly, urinary frequency is the initial symptom for benign prostatic hyperplasia patients. At the early stage, prostate hyperemia stimulation causes the symptom. Especially at night, obstruction and residual urine volume in bladder increased. And urinary frequency also increased gradually. It is because the bladder is often in the state of partial filling so that the effective capacity is reduced. Secondly, dysuria is the most important symptom of benign prostate hyperplasia, which develops very slowly. Sometimes it is considered as the natural phenomenon so that people don’t pay attention to it. Therefore, we should know the degree of dysuria. When the obstruction is mild, the urinary delays and is interrupted. When it is increased, micturition is arduous and range is shorted. And urinary stream is small and weak.

Thirdly is uroschesis. When obstruction increased to a certain extent, all the urine inside the bladder cannot be excreted so that residual urine in the bladder appears. The greater the residual amount is, the greater of the obstruction degree. Excessive residual amount can make the bladder lose the shrink ability so that the uroschesis, even uroclepsia, happens. At any stage of benign prostate hyperplasia, acute uroschesis may happen, which mainly due to climate change, drinking, fatigue, etc.

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