How to Improve Prostate Health

The prostate is playing an important role in the male’s reproductive system. It sits between the bladder and the penis. When a man ejaculates, it squeezes fluid into the urethra, and this fluid makes up about 30% of the semen. Nowadays, to have a good quality of life, more and more man starts paying attention to their prostate health. Unfortunately, various prostate problems have long troubled men. According to one statistics, about 30 million men have a bad condition of prostate health which exerts negative effects on their quality of life.

Common prostate problems

There are three kinds of prostate problems, an Enlarged Prostate (BPH), prostatitis and prostate cancer. BPH means an enlarged prostate caused by abnormal cell growth in prostate. BPH is not cancerous but increases the risk of prostate cancer. Early BPH is not serious, but after longtime ignorance, it will become bothersome problems. Prostatitis stands for an inflammation of the prostate usually caused by bacterial infections. It can occur in men of all ages. Symptoms include: having troubles in passing urine, chills and fever and sexual problems. Prostate cancer is the worst prostate problem. It means that there are cancer cells in the prostate. It is more common in older man, especially those over 65 years. If you have a family history, the risk is higher than ordinary people.

Ways to improve prostate health

Since we know that men have a greater chance to have prostate problems as they grow older, what can they do to improve their current prostate health? There are three main ways: dietary control, doing exercise and medical conditioning.
1.Dietary control
Eat fruits and vegetables every day and choose whole-grain bread, deeper and brighter color food. Eat white meat instead of red meat. Lycopene-foods and cruciferous vegetables are recommended. These food is helpful to your prostate health. Limit your consumption of processed food and your intake of alcohol, caffeine, and salt and sugar. These are not good to your health.
2.Doing exercise
To have a healthy lifestyle, you must exercise regularly. Regular exercise not only reduces your risk of cancers like prostate cancer, but also helps to solve potential health problems. Although there is no confirmed relationship between doing exercise and improving prostate health, some investigations show that moderate to intense exercise like brisk walking every day, is good to prostate health.
3.Medical conditioning
Medical conditioning refers to taking the traditional Chinese medicines to adjust your prostate condition, so as to improve your prostate health. The theory of the Chinese medication is that certain herbs help clear heat and toxic materials, promote diuresis and relieve stranguria and repair damaged tissues without side effects. They are effective in eliminating certain symptoms of prostate problems and improve your prostate health to avoid forming of cancer cells in your prostate. There are several traditional Chinese medicines with the function of conditioning your prostate available in the market. If you are interested in this method, you can consult Dr.Ming’s TCM clinic, which developed a conditioning medicines for prostate problems with proved good effects named Nanke Pill through a few years of research.

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