what is prostatitis syndrome ?

Prostatitis comprises of a group of syndromes that affect almost 50% of men at least once in their lifetime and makeup the majority of visits to the Urology Clinics. After many studies and researches , it was divided into three distinct categories, including: (1) acute bacterial prostatitis;(2) chronic bacterial prostatitis;(3) chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome which is further divided into inflammatory and non-inflammatory.

1, Acute bacterial prostatitis:

it always happend suddenly with many syndromes like chills and high fever, frequent urination, urination urgent, urine pain. Sometimes it  can even occur dysuria or acute urinary retention, clinical often accompanied by acute cystitis, prostate swelling, tenderness, local temperature rise, smooth surface, the formation of abscess is full of a sense of fluctuation.

2, Chronic bacterial prostatitis:

Has the feeing of micturition frequency, the urine urgent, the urine pain, micturition urethral discomfort or the scorching. and then there often is white secretion from the urine mouth outflow after urination, sometimes have blood essence, perineal pain, sexual dysfunction.and the prostate is plump, increase, soft, mild tenderness,if it last for a long time, the prostate shrinks, hardens, the surface is incomplete.

3, Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome:

Its clinical syndromes are similar to chronic bacterial prostatitis, but it don’t have recurrent urinary tract infection history, mainly for urinary stimulation, dysuria symptoms, especially the performance of chronic pelvic pain syndrome, some patients with prostate fluid can be cultured in Mycoplasma and chlamydia.
If you have some syndromes like those, the first is to conduct a clinical assessment determining the type of disease,and choosing a cure for the cause of the disease. The wrong understanding of the illness, unnecessary anxiety and excessive abstinence can aggravate the symptoms. Prostatitis may be a symptom of mild or complete asymptomatic disease, may also be a self-limiting disease or a symptom of complex, pations should adopt the individualized comprehensive treatment such as phytotherapy, neuromodulatory drugs ,diuretic and anti-inflammatories pills which are proved to have achieved some success in trials and have few side effects. All in all, treatment of prostatitis should be aimed towards treat local as well as central factors causing the symptoms.

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