Prostatitis Infection Symptoms

Prostatitis is a common disease of adult males, general statistics about the urology outpatient diseases is range from 25%-30%. Prostatitis refers to infection caused by acute and chronic inflammation. Different prostatitis patients in clinical manifestations of different syndromes, these syndromes have their unique etiology. It can be asymptomatic ,it can also be obvious symptoms, protracted, and even can cause sustained or repeated episodes of genitourinary infection, prostatitis infection can be divided into the following six categories:

1, nonspecific bacterial prostatitis: can be divided into acute prostatitis and chronic prostatitis. Acute prostatitis refers to the prostate nonspecific bacterial infection caused by acute inflammation, mainly manifested as urinary urgency, frequent urination, urinary pain, rectal and perineal pain, more aversion fever, and so on, belonging to the category of Chinese medicine hot. Chronic prostatitis is a nonspecific bacterial infection of the prostate caused by chronic inflammation, mainly manifested in the less abdomen, perineum, testicular discomfort, urinary crossings, such as white, Traditional Chinese medicine is a refined turbid category, common in young men.

2, idiopathic non-bacterial prostatitis: Clinical with prostate pain, micturition abnormalities, and urethral orifice has the symptoms of prostate fluid overflow, prostate fluid white cells can be increased, but bacteria culture without bacterial growth.

3, nonspecific granulomatous prostatitis: Clinically, the main manifestations is frequent urination, urinary pain, urethral burning, lower waist or perineal pain and other symptoms, but the disease develops fast, there is increased prostate overflow, acute urinary retention and other accompanying symptoms, it is allergic reaction caused by the proliferation of the poor solubility after the reticular endothelial system, so it is divided into two types of abnormal and non abnormal.

4, prostate pain and prostate congestion: clinical with frequent urination, urinary urgency and prostate discomfort, or true prostate pain and other symptoms, prostate fluid without pus cells, there is no obvious pathological changes, is a non-bacterial prostatitis.

5, specific prostatitis: including drench fungus, fungus and parasites caused by prostatitis.

6, other causes of prostatitis: such as viral infection, mycoplasma infection, chlamydia infection and other causes of prostatitis.

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