Chronic Prostatitis Natural Treatment

Chronic prostatitis is a common male disease, mainly including chronic bacterial prostatitis and non-bacterial prostatitis. Chronic prostatitis is a very confusing disease with high incidence, and nearly 50 percent of men will suffer from chronic prostatitis symptoms at some point in their lives.

Due to its complicated clinical symptoms and effects on male sexual and reproductive function, chronic prostatitis seriously affects the patient’s quality of life, making their mind and body suffered greatly.

There are many ways to treat chronic prostatitis, such as natural treatment of Traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine treatment, general and local therapy, and medicine for oral and external use, etc. but none of them is perfect.

Since there may be a variety of causes of chronic prostatitis, and no single treatment or medication can achieve satisfactory results, therefore comprehensive treatment is often put to use. For example, when suffered from chronic prostatitis, patients are usually advised to take antibiotics to kill bacteria and treat infections, but it is well-known that taking antibiotics for a long time will result in drug resistance, which, once happened, might significantly decreases the effect of the drug.

Therefore, when the antibiotics don’t work, patients may be suggested to use natural treatment, for example, the Nanke pill. It has many unique advantages: first, it is made from pure natural plants and animal medicine and has no toxic side effects; second, it is not resistant and can be used continuously until the disease is cured once and for all; third and most importantly, it has the effects of diuresis and treating stranguria, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis and heat-clearing and detoxifying, thus is very effective against chronic prostatitis.

The treatment period of chronic prostatitis is relatively long. By taking the Nanke pill, it can be alleviated within a week or two, but the complete cure generally takes two to three months, and continuous treatment is necessary before the symptoms can be completely eliminated.

Tips: Since the chronic prostatitis is easy to recur, after the symptoms is eliminated, it is important for patients to pay attention to their daily life, such as keeping a healthy diet, not too much work pressure and maintaining a happy mood.

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