The Diagnosis of the Prostatitis

Causes and symptoms of prostatitis are really complicated and there are different factors for various types of prostatitis. The bacterial prostatitis accounts for the first place of all kinds of prostatitis. And among all the causes of attacks of prostatitis the infection might be the initial and major factor of the prostatitis. As a result, the diagnosis of the prostatitis is of vital importance. And some major methods of the diagnosis are listed below:

Common inspection means

Firstly, rectal referral can touch swelling, full of prostate, tenderness significantly. Abscess formation, the two sides of the lobe asymmetry, there may be limited fluctuations. As for the longer illness, the prostate will become smaller, harder and uneven texture, or even a small induration. Secondly, the prostate fluid examination can also be taken into use. The application of prostate massage method is to obtain prostatic fluid which is needed to do routine examination. When the white blood cells of the prostroma in the microscope high power field become more than 10 and lecithin body reduced, it can be diagnosed with prostatitis. If at the same time bacterial culture is preceded, chronic prostatitis can be made a clear diagnosis and classification. When the prostatitis liquid bacterial culture results are positive, the diagnosis of chronic bacterial prostatitis; on the contrary, it is classified into chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. Thirdly, if the B-ultrasound showed prostate tissue structure boundaries are not clear or disorder, the prostatitis can be suggested. Besides, urodynamic examination and three cup test are also included.

Auxiliary examination of acute prostatitis

Acute prostatitis patients can only use rectal examination. Prostate massage must be avoided to prevent infection spreading to the epididymis and testis, or bacteria invading the blood causing bacteremia. Urine examination can be seen pus, red blood cells, B-ultrasound also help to diagnose.

Auxiliary examination of chronic prostatitis

Rectal examination and prostate massage are recommended. Urine and prostatic fluid segmentation culture is used for the diagnosis of chronic prostatitis, but also of certain value. As for the chronic prostatitis the prostatic fluid pH will increase while zinc content decrease, from which the diagnosis also gains some help.

After all, timely and proper treatment should be taken into consideration immediately since the prostatitis is exactly diagnosed. To conquer all the causes and symptoms of prostatitis, patients should build up healthier lifestyle and start proper treatment as soon as possible. Nanke Pill can eliminate symptoms of bladder and get rid of symptoms of the prostatitis; thus it has helped many patients start a brand-new life without troubles of prostatitis and build up the confidence to live a healthier life.

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