Antibiotic Treatment for the Chronic Prostatitis

Antibiotic treatment is particularly effective for various diseases caused by pathogens. The antibiotics are a kind of secondary metabolites produced by microbes (including bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes) or higher flora and fauna in the course of life. They are fundamentally chemical materials that can disturb other living cells’ developmental functions. Moreover, this fantastic discovery has solved lots of troubles over nearly 200 years and also has been recommended for the treatment of prostatitis.

There are a few types of the prostatitis, including chronic or acute types as well as bacterial or nonbacterial types. Since the nonbacterial prostatitis is not caused by the pathogens but other complex factors, antibiotics treatment never plays the most recommended role during the cure of the patients with chronic nonbacterial prostatitis; thus, the antibiotic treatment is largely more useful for the bacterial prostatitis. As a result, the chronic bacterial prostatitis patients are supposed to take the antibiotic treatment. On the initial stage of treatment, broad spectrum antimicrobials will be used for controlling the development of the prostatitis. If effective, constant treatment should be taken for over 30 days. Sensitive antibiotics, such as cephalosporin, minocycline and so on should be chosen based on bacterial culture and drug sensitivity test.

Besides, to totally recover patients should not only accept proper treatment but also a healthier lifestyle. Firstly, diet should be regulated with proper combination with fruits and vegetables. Also, the frequency of sexual activities in life should be limited. Some sports exercise also helps to build up a stronger body and a better state of mind.

As a result, to conquer all the problems caused by the chronic prostatitis, patients should build up healthier lifestyle and start proper treatment as soon as possible.

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