Begign prostatic hypertrophy

We have some men around, do not pay attention to their own life details, excessive sexual life, and do not pay attention to life hygiene, especially in the elderly, with age, so easy to lead to physical weakness, prone to some disease. Then what are the causes of benign prostatic hyperplasia?

Prostate hyperplasia The emergence of this disease, the family’s family happiness caused by the great harm, easy to affect the lives of patients work, if not reasonable treatment, but also bring a lot of pain, so men should pay attention to the disease Appear, to understand the reasons, then, benign prostatic hyperplasia What are the reasons?

First, the prostate overgrowth, usually some men in life, do not know how to control sexual life, long time for sexual life, and, for a long time to masturbate, sexual impulses are more serious, will cause sexual organs congestion, such a long time easily lead to prostate congestion, leading to the emergence of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Second, by the stimulation of inflammation, generally suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia of men, will be associated with prostatitis, if the disease cannot be reasonable for treatment, but also cause inflammation to stimulate the bacteria continue to increase, easily lead to prostate edema, causing along the line Substances continue to accumulate, so easily lead to prostate congestion, leading to urethral reproductive system will be affected. Third, the male unreasonable diet, life, some men, like spicy food, and, usually more wine, often a lot of alcohol, so easily lead to the prostate affected, and a lot of smoking, will stimulate Prostate, causing disease. Fourth, the bad way of life, there are some men usually busy, need to sit for a long time, so easy to lead to lack of physical exercise, so, will lead to poor blood flow in the prostate site, and there are a lot of men, Lack of diet, nutrition with unreasonable, will lead to reduced blood volume. Likely to cause the prostate affected.

In our lives, men must pay attention to physical exercise methods, to avoid the emergence of hardening, but also pay attention to some health matters. Men must be a reasonable diet, usually life should pay attention to their own health, slow down their own pressure, so as not to bring more pain, affect the health of life. The risk of benign prostatic hyperplasia is caused by lower urinary tract obstruction caused by the pathophysiological changes. The pathological individual differences are large, and not all were progressive development. Mild obstruction symptoms are not required surgery.

Last but not least, healthy body is a guarantee of a better life, and now more and more people live a well-off life, but the incidence of various male diseases increased year by year, so many men are tortured, happiness index is not improved due to good living conditions. Chinese medicine Nanke pill is Chinese medicine physician Doctor Ming through three decades of clinical experience, summed up the compatibility of a treatment of male genitourinary system diseases (female urinary system diseases can also be taken) of traditional Chinese medicine prescription, the effect is significant. Do not ignore your health.

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