Acute and chronic prostatitis

 Acute prostatitis is better cured than chronic prostatitis, chronic prostatitis longer course, greater damage, recovery more slowly. Clinical treatment of prostatitis mainly antibiotic treatment, is characterized by quick, can quickly relieve symptoms, so high doses of antibiotics by doctors and patients recognized, but the use of antibiotics, but for patients implanted as a prostatitis recurrent population The “bane”. Prostatitis using antibiotics must pay attention to the following two points, one can not be free to use, need to be targeted use. Second, can not only use antibiotics, because the limitations of antibiotics itself, and need to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, improve the immunity of prostatitis with proprietary Chinese medicine used.

  Suggestions are conclude below: Repeated prostatitis is mainly due to the use of antibiotics caused by decreased immunity of the urinary system, weak physique and immune function are vulnerable to a variety of pathogens, often more susceptible to prostatitis, such a person every treatment are In the further reduction of the body immunity, such patients do not pay attention to improve physical and immune function, prostatitis often delayed healing, easy to subclinical or repeated prostatitis or even cancer, increased prostatitis in patients with mental stress , Induced other serious diseases. Therefore, for the patient’s long-term health considerations, the best treatment of prostatitis can effectively improve the body’s immunity of prostatitis proprietary Chinese medicine. It is best to use the ingredients containing mulberry compound large Chinese medicine to treat. Mulberry parasite can effectively improve the body’s immunity and tolerance, activation of macrophage phagocytic activity. A comprehensive repair of infected lesions so that the rapid return to normal, good prognosis, no recurrence.

  Prostate and chronic prostatitis are distinguished:

First, the cause is different: acute prostatitis is generally caused by bacterial infection; chronic prostatitis can be from acute bacterial prostatitis changes; but mostly prostate-specific and non-specific infection caused by chronic inflammation.Second, the incidence of different characteristics:

1, acute exacerbation of acute exacerbation, pre-onset over indulgence, excessive drinking, upper respiratory tract infection, or acute urinary tract infection history. 2, the incidence of chronic prostatitis slow, mild symptoms, patients with frequent urination, urination, urethral burning itching, urine dripping absent, testis, perineum, lumbosacral and other parts of the pain discomfort, urethra has white secretions overflow.

  If the acute phase is not cured, then into a chronic phase, their common symptoms are: urgency, frequent urination,Belly bulge, during treatment, do not drink! Do not eat spicy food, especially not sex too frequent!Healthy body is a guarantee of a better life, and now more and more people live a well-off life, but the incidence of various male diseases increased year by year, so many men are tortured, happiness index is not improved due to good living conditions.Chinese medicine Nanke pill 

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