Can prostatitis cause bowel problems

In general, the prostate does not cause intestinal symptoms, the main clinical manifestations of stool or urethral urethral orifice appear white secretions overflow, impotence, premature ejaculation, urgency, urinary frequency, dysuria and other urinary tract irritation, sometimes small Abdominal pain or no food.

Suggestions: recommended treatment of medical institutions to see if there is prostatitis, if there is, can take ciprofloxacin, Qianlie Kang treatment; if you have intestinal irritation, cannot rule out the cause of intestinal disease, you can confirm the diagnosis , Symptomatic treatment; usually should pay attention to sometimes, eat or eat cold, spicy food, to prevent the recovery of intestinal diseases.

At the beginning of the prostatic hypertrophy, the patient may appear to have sexual desire consistent with age, or consistent sexual desire, but suddenly become strong up. This is due to prostate tissue hyperplasia, so that prostate dysfunction, feedback caused by a timely increase in testicular function. Sex life will increase the prostatic hypertrophy, sexual life itself will make a long time the prostate ten congestion state, causing and aggravating prostatic hypertrophy.

Bowel problem is not related to prostatitis, diarrhea and enteritis, spleen and stomach are not good relationship, pay attention to check the stool routine look, there is no bacterial infection, according to the specific circumstances of treatment, prostatitis complicated by the cause, especially chronic prostatitis symptoms First, the cause of obscure, difficult to diagnose; and the drug is difficult to reach the lesion, easily lead to prostate disease for a long time, recurrent, the use of traditional Chinese and Western medicine combined with physical therapy and treatment methods, can achieve satisfactory clinical results. That is based on test results And the nature of prostatitis, select sensitive drugs, adequate, according to the medication for treatment, at the same time, selective with: microwave, short wave, diversion, multi-function, perfusion, and other physical means. Proposed in a timely manner to the professional male hospital Prostate specialist treatment, clear specific etiology, in order to take targeted treatment.

Prostatic hypertrophy to consider chronic inflammatory irritation caused by chronic prostatitis prostatic hyperplasia, etc. Proposed to the regular hospital for standardized treatment.If no urination difficult to treat. As long as attention to climate change to prevent cold to prevent infection alcohol and smoking and ingestion of spicy food Reduce the anger over worry to maintain peace of mind and appropriate drinking water to avoid holding back urine can delay or avoid the emergence of difficult symptoms of urination.

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