bacterial infection in men

What are the common reproductive infections? Dyeing disease is one of the important factors leading to male infertility. Male genital organs, including external genitalia, paranasal, epididymis and testicular parts, the Ministry of the bacteria, chlamydia, mycoplasma, viruses and other microbial infections can cause inflammation.

Prostatitis: Especially chronic prostatitis is a common disease in adult males, men might experience impotence, premature ejaculation and neurasthenia and other symptoms in a certain stage of the disease. Seminal vasculitis after the disease can easily convert into chronic, often with chronic prostatitis, chronic epididymitis at the same time or have occurred, but also often because of recurrent epididymitis. Whether it is bacteria or viruses caused by seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis, can inhibit spermatogenic function. In particular, semen contains bacteria, even without any symptoms, can also cause sperm cell decomposition, sperm cell poisoning, sperm life shortages and sperm agglutination and so on. All of the above causes can lead to infertility.

 Reproductive infection of high risk people:

IT industry: people working in the IT industry for a long time sedentary or stay up all night. Over time, the prostate has been squeezed for a long time, excessive congestion and swelling, resistance to pathogens decreased, causing inflammation of the infection.

Drivers: many drivers due to sedentary, holding back urine, fatigue, coupled with long-distance transport and poor health conditions, but also easily lead to chronic prostatitis, orchitis, urethritis and other genitourinary system infection.

Public relations, sales staff: public relations sales staff often need a lot of smoking, to accompany customers to drink, etc., which are caused by genitourinary infection can not be ignored factors.

Professional managers: the crowd basically integrated the above types of people the cause of the disease.

  Symptoms to see a doctor in time, otherwise the infection will deteriorate, it may have been transmitted to another person. Can not know how many illnesses, will threaten the infection of life Some symptoms may be like a slight infection, only the doctor can determine what is wrong diagnosis. There are many hospitals that can be checked and tested in a completely secret situation. In addition to having sex with someone who should tell him, others will not know that you are infected with a reproductive infection. Please check the phone book or check the city or the national health department to see where there is a secret test and treatment.

  Reproductive organs of the inflammation, most likely to affect the reproductive function, leading to infertility. Therefore, male friends in this regard must not be taken lightly. To always pay attention to their physical condition, in the event of inflammation, should be promptly go to the hospital for treatment to prevent chronic.

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