Symptoms, Causes and Treatments of Abacterial Prostatitis

 Abacterial prostatitis is a kind of non-bacterial disease which means that the inflammation of the prostate is not caused by the presence of bacterial. Abacterial prostatitis which is characterized by pain, inflammation and urinary issues is common to see in men. If you feel pain or discomfort in your prostate or lower unitary tract, you may suffer from abacterial prostatitis. For men, it is necessary to know some common knowledge of abactrtial prostatitis such as symptoms, causes and treatments.

Abacterial prostatitis is usually a chronic type, lingering for a few weeks. It shares many same signs and symptoms as bacterial prostatitis. The difference of abacterial prostatitis and bacterial prostatitis is the presence of bacterial in the test. The typical sign of abacterial prostatitis is the pain in body parts such as scrotum, between your scrotum and rectum, in the low back and lower abdomen, at the tip of the penis, or in the urinary tract. Other symptoms include painful urination or ejaculation, r straining to urinate, frequent or urgent urination, blood in the urine or semen, pain with bowel movement and sexual dysfunction. The signs and symptoms varies in each men’s condition. Especially in case of complications, symptoms are much more complicated.

Although abacterial prostatitis is the most common condition in men, the exact cause has not been known yet. It may be caused by a past infection or a small injury. The guess about causes cannot be validated before a few tests and studies like urine test, semen studies, tests of a sexually transmitted infection and prostate fluid studies are done. There sore some other possible causes like pelvic floor muscle problems, tension of pelvis, disordered immune response, sexually transmitted diseases and emotional factors like depress and stresses.

Since most of the acbacterial prostatitis is a chronic condition. The purpose of treatment is to decrease or get rid of symptoms of abacterial prostatitis. Common treatments include medications like antibiotics, pain killer, physical therapy like warm baths and massage, traditional Chinese therapy like acupuncture and herbal medicines and dietary control like avoiding spicy foods, caffeine, and alcohol. Besides, more relaxation exercises is very helpful.

Abacterial prostatitis usually greatly impact men’s quality of life. To keep away from this kind of chronic condition, men should pay more attention to their prostate health.

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