Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis natural treatment

Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis mainly manifested as pelvic pain, can be seen in the perineum, penis, perianal, urethra, pubis or lumbosacral and other parts. Dysuria can be expressed as urgency, frequent urination, dysuria and nocturia increased. The pathogenesis is unknown, the etiology is very complex, there is widespread controversy. Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis lack of objective and specific diagnostic basis, the clinical diagnosis should lead to pelvic regional pain and abnormalities of the disease for the differential diagnosis of patients with abnormal urinary exclusion should be clear whether the bladder outlet obstruction and Abnormal bladder function.

 Prostate massage fluid routine examination of normal prostate massage fluid white blood cells <10 / HP, lecithin body evenly distributed throughout the field of view, pH 6.3 ~ 6.5, red blood cells and epithelial cells do not exist or occasionally. When the white blood cells> 10 / HP, the number of lecithin bodies decreased, there is a diagnostic significance.urine routine analysis and urine sediment examination urine routine analysis and urinary sediment examination is to exclude urinary tract infection, diagnosis of prostatitis assisted method. bacteriological examination recommended “two cup” or “four cup” pathogen orientation test. Other laboratory examination of prostatitis patients may be abnormal sperm quality, in some patients with chronic prostatitis PSA will appear in the situation. Urinary cytology in the bladder and in situ cancer and other aspects of identification has a certain value.

  Most of the patients with prostatitis are systemic resistance, excessive fatigue and sexual activity (including masturbation) excessive or long-term abstinence, making the prostate long-term congestion, prostate resistance to disease caused by the decline, so you can “indirect treatment” The way to cure prostatitis. “Indirect treatment” principle is to reduce the burden of the prostate, improve the body’s immune system and improve the local blood circulation of the prostate to make their own disease resistance to improve, and thus cure prostatitis.

 Prostatitis of the etiology of complex, especially chronic prostatitis symptoms are different, the cause of obscure, difficult to diagnose; and the drug is difficult to reach the lesion, easily lead to prostate disease long treatment, recurrent, the use of traditional Chinese medicine combined with physical therapy and physical therapy Method, can achieve satisfactory clinical results. That is based on the test results and the nature of prostatitis, select sensitive drugs, adequate, according to the medication for treatment, at the same time, selective with: microwave, short wave, diversion, multi-functional, Perfusion, and other physical means. Proposed in a timely manner to the professional male hospital prostate specialist treatment, clear specific causes in order to take targeted treatment! Regular diet and lifestyle improvement. Usually should pay attention to eating spicy greasy food, do not drink.

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