What’s the Causes for BPH ?

For many males, BPH is a normal and terrible disease, which not only has bad effect on their sex life, but also makes them suffer bitterness in their daily life. According to medical statistics, BPH occurs in almost all the men over seventy years old. The symptom of prostate hyperplasia is its volume become bigger than the normal, which causes frequent micturition, urgent micturition, micturition and some other related symptoms. Therefore, in order to avoid suffering this disease, we need to study the causes for BPH and take measures to prevent this disease.

There are several common causes of BPH.

 1. Frequent sex life

Now, since many young males and females have no restraint for their sex life, hormone level changes a lot in their body. Gradually, prostate volume will increase because of long-term prostate congestion.

 2. Smoking and drinking

Many patients have a long history of smoking and drinking, since cigarette contains lots of toxic substances, which can reduce body’s immunity and resistance. Male may have a higher chance to suffer the disease. What’s more, drinking and smoking can inhibit nerve as well as cause prostate congestion, which is ultimately developed into BPH.

3. Spicy food

Spicy food not only cause gastrointestinal indigested, but also make the prostate congested. If the male have too much spicy food for a long time, but also lead to prostate hyperplasia.

4. Lack of exercise

In modern life, many people have limited space and time to have exercise. These patients also commonly lack essential physical exercise. As is known to all, physical exercise can accelerate blood circulation and speed, and also promote the speed of blood circulation of prostate.

5. Hormone

BPH is closely related to the imbalance of androgen and estrogen in the body. Testosterone is the major androgen in male body, and it can be transferred into dihydro testosterone with the action of enzyme, which becomes an active hormone that stimulates prostate hyperplasia.

6. The effects of other diseases

Many males get BPH due to that they haven’t received effective treatment for prostatitis, or have suffered from other diseases, such as Urethritis, cystitis, seminal vesicle inflammation and other reproductive system diseases, which can also cause congestion and hyperplasia of the prostate gland.

Besides all the causes for BPH mentioned above, there are some other reasons for it. In order to avoid this disease, the male should pay more intention to their daily life and diet. If they have any other diseases that may lead to BPH, they should treat it in time. Nanke Pill have made some outstanding progress in this field, like prostatitis, orchitis, epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis, chlamydia, UTI, IC and male infertility. For more information about Nanke Pill, please visit www.prostatitis-treatment.com

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